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David Cancel

What is your morning routine?

I like to get up early. I typically wake up between 5:00 and 6:00am (closer to 5:30), and the very first thing I do when I get up is drink a pint of water, ideally with some lemon juice squeezed in it. But it all starts the night before when I set the coffee maker to turn on in the morning. I have a Technivorm Moccamaster that I love.

After I’ve gotten up and had some water, I head upstairs in my house and perform twenty minutes of yoga and some light stretching - this is the same practice I’ve been sticking to every day for over a year now. Lately I’ve added some additional exercise in the morning. This month I’ve been rowing on the ERG, trying to get in fifty meters more than I rowed the day before. It’s all about progression.

After yoga and the ERG, I head back downstairs to grab my cup of coffee and one for my wife, if she’s awake, and then I read for thirty minutes. I always like to be in the middle of a bunch of books. I’m usually reading between three and five books at a time. I don’t really read sequentially. I like to hop around books. I feel like the ideas in each book play off each other and can give me new ideas to explore (James Altucher calls this “idea sex”).

Right around then it’s time to make breakfast for my son (four) and hang out with my daughter (eleven). I try to catch up with each of them in the mornings. This is our time together; one of the reasons I hate being away is because I miss the mornings with my kids.

The last thing I do in the morning is a five-minute journal using the Five Minute Journal app. Sometimes I write what I need to get done for the day, other times I’m just scratching notes or sketching out something new that I need to be writing.

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