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Christina Wayne

What is your morning routine?

On weekdays I wake up at 7:00am, since I need to get my daughter to school by 8:00am. Thankfully, we live about fifteen blocks away, so most mornings we leave by 7:45am and walk. When the weather is bad, I get an Uber and hope it shows up in less than ten minutes.

First thing I do is stretch and take child’s pose to make sure my creaky limbs work correctly. I’ve always had a bad lower back from scoliosis, and I’ve found that when I regularly stretch and exercise it doesn’t bother me.

After stretching, I snuggle with my daughter for a few minutes because I think hugs are an essential part of starting one’s day. My husband usually stops me in the kitchen while I’m making our daughter her breakfast and gives me a hug. It’s a nice moment before our crazy day begins and we get swept up in our daily dramas. At some point during that time I check the weather, but I try not to check my emails or texts until after I’ve dropped my daughter off at school. I don’t want to stress myself out with work information or news; I prefer to just focus on our time together.

I then drink a glass of filtered water with organic lemon squeezed in it. That’s all I have until I get to Juice Press and drink a Soul Garden on the walk to my daughter’s school.

After chatting with my girl and holding her hand (the walk to school is the best time to really hear what’s going on in her head), I drop her off and head to the gym. After working out, I walk home and window shop since all the stores are, thankfully, still closed. If they were open I’d be bankrupt by now.

I head home and eat breakfast - usually almond milk heated up with chia seeds, hemp seeds, cinnamon, blueberries, and Manuka honey. It’s delicious and is a great substitute for oatmeal. Then I make a pot of green tea that lasts me most of the morning. Everything we eat is organic, non-GMO, grass-fed or pasture-raised. I also don’t eat dairy and try to limit my carbohydrates. I’m a pain in the ass about it and drive my husband nuts, but we feel better eating this way.

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