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David Gallo

David Gallo

What is your morning routine?

I’ve never had a morning routine. I don’t know how you establish a routine when you never know where you’re going to wake up or what you’re going to do that day. Some days I wake up in a hotel room and don’t need to get to the theater until noon. Other days I have to race to Sesame Street by 8:00am. Many days I drink coffee and read the news until I need to start work.

On my favorite days, I have my kids. I usually put out cereal and bowls for them before they go to bed, but when I get up I often make them another breakfast anyway, like eggs or French toast. I have to admit that I put way more time into arranging the assorted cereal boxes and bowls I leave out for the girls the night before than I put into thinking about the nutritional value of the food itself. But they don’t seem to mind. I make their young lives more surreal—recently I made them an elaborate Stonehenge affair from two dozen mini cereal boxes.

How has your morning routine changed over recent years?

Two of the biggest changes in my life happened in the last few years. One was becoming the production designer for Sesame Street, which means that when we’re shooting I have the closest thing I’ve ever had to a real job. I actually have to show up to from time to time.

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The other big change was having kids, which means two little people are counting on me a lot earlier in the day than anyone ever has before.

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