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Krista Suh

What is your morning routine?

I adjust my morning routine according to my intuition, a practice I cheekily call Pussy Schedules in my book because I’m letting my feminine intuition make the decisions! I like to keep my morning time very slow and private—kind of like women who choose to have a water birth, so the baby comes out of the watery womb into… more water. Similarly I like to come out of sleep and not immediately be inundated with people and meetings and demands and performances, and instead be in a peaceful place, in bed, awake.

I try as often as possible to arrange my schedule so I don’t need to set an alarm, and generally that means I wake up around 8:00am. If I sleep past that I figure I needed those hours and don’t chastise myself for it.

I try to not schedule anything involving showing my face or being “on” before 11:00am, so oftentimes I’ll work from bed in the mornings, and I favor the type of work that involves doing journaling exercises, meditating, and daydreaming. At some point I transition from journaling work into what I call “scheming” work because I like the nefarious undertone to that word. Scheming often involves logistics, collaborations, scheduling—I’ll “groom” my schedule over and over, getting very acquainted with my calendar, sometimes drawing it in my journal even though it’s all in my calendar app. To that end, I keep my laptop, paper notebook, pen, and iPhone all by my bed, as well as a tall glass of water because I’m often dehydrated!

When my mouth gets too-gross feeling (the icky taste outweighs my natural laziness and desire to stay in bed), I’ll get up to brush my teeth, wash my face, and put my hair into a bun (having my hair out of my face is a signal to my body that it’s time to work!). I generally don’t shower in the morning—I like showering in the nighttime by candlelight.

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From there, I’ll go to the kitchen and make hot water with lemon and eat some breakfast, usually yogurt or eggs. I usually return to my bed at that point and do more work on my laptop. If I’m cold I go under the covers, if I’m fine temperature-wise I make the bed and work on top of the coverlet. If I have a phone meeting I generally take it from my bed-cocoon-hive.

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