A book and website to help you create a morning routine that works for you

Today’s most talented creatives and businesspeople share their secrets to unlocking greater energy, focus, and calm—starting first thing in the morning.

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Chosen as one of Amazon’s best business books of 2018, one of the Financial Times books of the month upon release, and one of Business Insider’s best business books to read this summer.

Marie Kondo performs a quick tidying ritual to quiet her mind before leaving the house. The president of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, Ed Catmull, mixes three shots of espresso with three scoops of cocoa powder and two sweeteners. Fitness expert Jillian Michaels doesn’t set an alarm, because her five-year-old jolts her from sleep by jumping into bed for a cuddle every morning.

Part instruction manual, part someone else’s diary, the authors of My Morning Routine interviewed sixty-four of today’s most successful people—including three-time Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Soni, Twitter cofounder Biz Stone, and General Stanley McChrystal—and offer timeless advice on creating a routine of your own.

Some routines are all about early morning exercise and spartan living; others are more leisurely and self-indulgent. What they have in common is they don’t feel like a chore. Once you land on the right routine, you’ll look forward to waking up.

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This comprehensive guide will show you how to get into a routine that works for you so that you can develop the habits that move you forward. Much like a Jenga stack is only as sturdy as its foundational blocks, the choices we make throughout our day depend on the intentions we set in the morning. Like it or not, our morning habits form the stack that our whole day is built on.

Whether you want to boost your productivity, implement a workout or meditation routine, or just learn to roll with the punches in the morning, this book has you covered.

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“I don’t know that the planking and the blended fruit has made me more productive, but who cares? They’ve made my mornings suck 23 percent less. That seems like success to me.” — Bloomberg review

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The vast majority of the morning routines included in our book are exclusive to it. However, between December 2012 and July 2019, My Morning Routine also published a brand new, inspiring morning routine every week—341 in total—on this website. Here are some of our favorites:

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