“If everything goes to plan, my first movement is that of a light stretch, before I get a cold glass of water, turn on the lights, and put on warm clothes.” – Elliott Fienberg Share this quote on Twitter

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Elliott Fienberg

What is your morning routine?

My iPhone alarm goes off really loud, across the other side of the apartment, at 5:30am.

Before that, my dawn simulator begins to light up my bedroom so that I am starting to wake subtly. If everything goes to plan, my first movement is that of a light stretch, before I get a cold glass of water, turn on the lights, and put on warm clothes (my apartment gets really cold in the winter).

If I don’t make it through this first movement, I’m back in bed snoozing for probably an hour or more, which then becomes a source of defeat for me throughout the day.

After I’ve made it through this part of the routine, I start to boil my eggs and water for my green tea. If everything has gone to plan, I have carved out an hour to work on music or other personal projects.

Finally after getting cleaned up, I’m out the door for my long commute to work.

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How long have you stuck with this routine so far?

I’ve stuck with this specific routine for about a year, but I’ve been working on rising early for a little over two years now.

How has your morning routine changed over recent years?

The main thing that has changed is that I have a routine, as a few years ago I would just snooze for as long as I could.

I found that it’s better to focus on being productive in the morning, because after work it’s very difficult for me to do things like practise my music.

What time do you go to sleep?

I try to be asleep by 10-11:00pm, but on the weekends I sometimes stay out late which throws everything out of whack.

Do you have a morning workout routine?

Only once a week, for scheduling reasons, I work out in the morning. Otherwise that happens at lunch.

How about morning meditation?

While the eggs are sitting, I’ll often meditate for those ten minutes. It’s a good time to do it because I have to set a timer anyways, and it’s super quiet at this time.

Do you see to email first thing in the morning or leave it until later in the day?

I don’t go anywhere near email or social media until I get into work. I have found this is a good way to better be in control of your thoughts.

What are your most important tasks in the morning?

Reading back my journal entries from time to time, I often have a focus on whether or not I worked on music in the morning. If I don’t do this, I seem to call the morning a failure.

Aside from this, I think the meditation is really important to me too.

What and when is your first drink in the morning?

A cold glass of water, but I’m starting to think that room temperature water with a bit of fresh squeezed lemon is better for your system.

On days you’re not settled in your home, are you able to adapt your routine to fit in with a different environment?

I haven’t had any success maintaining any of my routine when I’m away, but it’s something I’m interested in trying to figure out one day.

What do you do if you fail to follow your routine, and how does this influence the rest of your day?

I try to not beat myself up too much about it, and hope that I can do better the next day. Also if it means that I didn’t achieve any of my goals in the morning, I have more responsibility to pick up the slack at night time when I get home from work.

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