Introducing Interview Statistics

Last month we launched our Questions & Answers feature, providing you with a list of every question we ask of our participants, followed by every answer to that question.

Given the opportunity we’d quite happily read through these all day long, but we always knew that we didn’t want the written word to be the only way our readers could consume the mass of data we’ve been collecting for the last two and a half years.

For this reason, today we’re launching Interview Statistics; created exclusively for those who want to dig deeper.

Feast Your Eyes

With Interview Statistics we make it easy for you to dive into our data to explore key findings from our ever-increasing archive of inspiring morning routines.

Want to know how long our participants sleep on average? No problem. Need some ideas and inspiration on the best thing to drink the moment you wake up? You’ve got it.

We’ve worked tirelessly to make sure that every time we add a new morning routine, Interview Statistics updates automatically to reflect the new data; so you’ll always be seeing the most recent version of every key chart and statistic available.

Finally, while making Interview Statistics we realised we were collecting far more data than we could possibly display on one page; keep your eyes peeled for this showing up here, there, and everywhere soon!

Meet our Book

Whether you want to boost your productivity, implement a workout or meditation routine, or just learn to roll with the punches in the morning, our brand new book has you covered.

Today’s most talented creatives and businesspeople share their secrets to unlocking greater energy, focus, and calm—starting first thing in the morning.

Book Cover of My Morning Routine

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