How soon after waking up do you have breakfast, and what do you typically have?

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John Zeratsky · Author, Designer

I have breakfast at the end of my morning routine, around 9:00am. I usually have a cup of yogurt, a homemade smoothie, and a coffee (my second of the day).

Kate Nafisi · Designer, Finisher

So I’m in my Japanese kimono and I’ve drunk my lemon water. I light some incense, breath deeply, and move very slowly.

For my matcha tea ritual, I prepare almond milk on the stove and combine it in a handmade ceramic mug with matcha green tea. I sit in the semi-darkness downstairs, with the cottage shutters closed, on the brown French corduroy floor mattress and sip in the stillness.

I slowly wake up in my own time. I can hear the birds outside and the electric hob cooker hiss as it slowly cools down. The light falls through the slits in our dotted shutter in a random organic pattern on the chipped white-painted floorboards and over the old white piano.

Now for breakfast. I make gluten-free porridge with almond milk and cinnamon with locally produced Sussex honey and organic berries on top. Other days we eat avocado on toast or yogurt mixed with granola and seeds. My husband and I eat together, normally watching something, sitting in silence, or reading the news.

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Wilf Richards · Coop Co-Founder

Breakfast is typically at 8:30am, so about an hour after I get up and maybe two hours after I wake up. I will have at least one glass of water when I wake up, maybe two. My favorite breakfast is definitely fruit with granola, milk, and yogurt. A couple of years ago I started using the My Fitness Pal app, which really helped with getting portions right and an increase in my protein intake. Ideally I’ll have blackcurrants or some other seasonal organic fruit from our smallholding, but I also love bananas and needless to say they don’t grow up here.

Josh Gross · Founding Partner at Planetary


I’ve tried to be better about eating actual food in recent years, but I usually won’t eat anything until I get to the office (or, if working from home, until after I start work). Most of the time it’s a pastry (like a croissant) or oatmeal, if I feel like preparing it.

Melissa Clark · New York Times Food Writer

I don’t eat breakfast until around 10:00-11:00am. On a good day I have a bowl of fruit with homemade yogurt and granola, or toast with lots of butter and a jammy egg with more butter. Or I’ll eat cookies, if there are cookies. Cookies > fruit and yogurt.

Paul Murphy · Third Grade Teacher

I don’t eat breakfast. I’m not militant about it or anything, and if you want to eat a big breakfast, go for it, man. I’m also not trying to lose weight by skipping a meal (although I wouldn’t mind if it worked). I just don’t have an appetite for a few hours after getting up.

Since I’m not going to try to talk you into skipping the “most important meal of the day,” I’d appreciate it if you did me the same courtesy. I know other people eat breakfast and swear by it. I’ve heard about the studies that show how important breakfast is. But I’m not hungry, so I don’t eat. Also, if I did eat, I’d have to get up earlier, and did I mention that I really like sleeping?

Denise Lee · Founder of Alala

I have breakfast after walking my dog and working out, so probably ninety minutes to two hours after I’ve gotten out of bed.

My go-to breakfast is a coffee smoothie made with Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, almond milk, frozen bananas, Vital Proteins’ collagen powder, and some type of superfood mix (I’m always trying new ones). I find that this keeps me full so much longer than eggs, oatmeal, or anything else that I might eat in the mornings.

Amy Nelson · CEO of The Riveter

I have breakfast one or two hours after I wake up. I alternate between two standbys—an English muffin with almond butter and a banana or two eggs with a piece of toast. I also have coffee with soy milk and a large glass of ice water.

Rick Smith · Founder and CEO, Axon

I have breakfast about an hour after my workout, and it’s pretty much the same every morning—an egg-white omelette with turkey meatballs and a protein shake. Recently, I have also been making wheatgrass juice from a powdered formula. I’m not the biggest fan of eating vegetables, so drinking them makes it easier.

Carly Stein · Founder of Beekeeper’s Naturals

I’ll generally eat breakfast an hour and a half to two hours after I wake up, right after my workout. Typically I’ll have a smoothie loaded with fruit, greens, adaptogens, healthy fats, bee pollen—all the good stuff my body craves.

Shirley Meerson · Wellness Coach

Breakfast is finished by 8:30am. Typically I’ll have tea, walnuts, a healthy biscuit, Greek yogurt, and dates. While traveling and on project sites, I like to experiment with local foods for breakfast, so long as I keep it light.

An important part of breakfast time for me is to have on relaxing music, and to burn incense. Usually the fragrance is “woodsy spicy” like sandalwood or oud variations.

Sarah Morgan · Digital Strategist

The dog walk takes thirty minutes, and I make breakfast as soon as we’re back. I tend to eat the same thing for months at a time. For a while it was breakfast burritos, and lately it’s been instant oatmeal. (I haven’t found the energy for cooking at 7:00am just yet.)

Sam Crawford · Blogger, The Man Blueprint

Most of the time I use intermittent fasting, but sometimes my schedule just doesn’t allow for it.

If I’m doing an early workout, I’ll go for some granola, berries, and yogurt—nothing too complex. If I’m not working out, I’ll go for more protein and fat, leaving carbs for later. This is usually some tuna, a couple of eggs, some spinach, and half an avocado.

Gideon Akande · Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Because my mornings are so early, I typically don’t have breakfast until mid-morning. Once my morning client sessions and personal workout are complete, I take the time to fuel. I keep my breakfast options simple—I usually have water and half a cup of orange juice to accompany an omelet with peppers, onions, spinach, and sausage.

Mara Schiavocampo · Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

I’m never hungry in the morning, and I hate the feeling of exercising on a full stomach. I eat one spoonful of peanut butter as I head out the door—just enough energy to get me through my workout. After I exercise I have a protein shake. I don’t have “breakfast” until about 11:30am, and I always eat the same things: turkey sausage, scrambled eggs, and berries. It’s my favorite meal of the day.

Josh LaJaunie · Runner

I don’t eat until after my morning workout. My breakfast is usually simple, whatever I have on hand—usually a bowl of oats or a couple big potatoes or beans and rice… yes, for breakfast.

Lauren Berger · Founder of Intern Queen

I eat anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours after waking up—usually a banana or egg whites with hot sauce. I put hot sauce on almost everything! For the past two years, my husband has been making me egg whites for breakfast and I cover them with Siracha! If I get bored of this, I’ll rotate in oatmeal from Starbucks or just grab a banana for the car.

Sabrina Zohar · Co-Founder of Softwear

I try to eat oatmeal or toast, but I typically enjoy my coffee and eat something around lunch time. I don’t intentionally fast but find that I’m rarely hungry in the mornings, especially when I have a big to-do list!

Khajak Keledjian · Founder of Inscape

Before I start my yoga, I have hot water with lemon. Later in the morning I have my daily juice, which is a blend of grapefruit, lemon, cayenne, olive oil, garlic powder, flaxseed, and ginger. These ingredients cleanse, purify, renew, and (ultimately) protect the liver.

Liz Fosslien · Illustrator

After making coffee, I eat the same breakfast I’ve eaten for seven years: seven mini scoops of Trader Joe’s plain, non-fat Greek yogurt* and one S’mores Luna Bar. I break the Luna Bar into little pieces and mix it in with the yogurt. I used to eat Nuts Over Chocolate Luna Bars, but about two years ago Trader Joe’s stopped stocking that flavor, so I had to switch over to S’mores. This was a Big Event in my life. It’s relevant to note that Luna Bar has never paid me to promote their product. They have also never given me free Luna Bars, even after I wrote them a letter asking for free Luna Bars.

More recently I’ve been experimenting with a new breakfast by swapping out the Luna Bar I usually have and swapping in peanut butter and granola. This is for health reasons only. The new breakfast is not as delicious. I’ve also started adding vitamin C crystals and psyllium husk to my yogurt.

*Trader Joe’s has the best plain, non-fat Greek yogurt. My boyfriend doubted there was any real difference between this yogurt and other brands, so we did a blind taste test. He fed me seven random spoonfuls of Trader Joe’s, Fage, Chobani, and Wallaby yogurts and I had to identify which one was the Trader Joe’s yogurt. I got a perfect score.

Tara Hanrahan · Corporate Spa Director

I have breakfast around 7:30am. I make Martha Stewart’s green juice every morning in my cold-press juicer (celery, pear, cucumber, lemon, ginger, and spinach/kale), and I serve it in a champagne glass! I also have Special K cereal every morning with a dollop of yogurt, a scattering of blueberries, and a little bit of fresh mango. I sprinkle some nuts, seeds, and coconut flakes on top.

Jules Clancy · Cookbook Author

I have black coffee about two hours after I get up. While I don’t eat breakfast (my first meal is lunch around noon), here are some of my favorite healthy breakfast ideas.

My lunches are usually some sort of abundance bowl of poached eggs or sardines with cooked or raw veggies and a delicious sauce (mayo, pesto, or hummus) to bring it all together. I’ve written in more detail about my lunch formula over on my blog.

Catherine Duc · Grammy-Nominated Composer

I eat breakfast within ten minutes of waking up—I can’t function in the morning without sustenance. I mostly alternate between oatmeal and toast. I change up the oatmeal recipe with different fresh and dried fruits, spices, flavor extracts, nuts, seeds, and yogurts. I also have tea (Earl Grey or Irish breakfast are my favorites) on weekdays and coffee on weekends.

Robert Greene · Author

Prior to the stroke, one day I would have a nicely seasoned turkey burger with steamed vegetables, and then a bowl of oatmeal with a lot of fresh berries in it, then the other day I would have scrambled eggs with smoked salmon (or something similar), with a vegetable and a bowl of berries, and then a mug of black tea. Occasionally I would have sardines on toast.

Since the stroke I’ve been eating a pescetarian diet, as recommended by my doctor. Now, instead of a turkey burger I have a mung or bean burger with a vegetable, and then it might be cereal with berries, and the other morning I’ll have an egg-white omelette, as opposed to a full-egg omelette. I’m not planning on sticking with the pescetarian diet forever, though.

Nicole Gibbons · Interior Designer

I like to be up and dressed before eating breakfast, so this typically happens about an hour to an hour and a half after waking up.

During the week I always make breakfasts that take five minutes or less. I subscribe to Daily Harvest, so my breakfast is often a smoothie to which I add adaptogen powders like ashwagandha and red maca, as well as MCT oil for added energy. My other go-to breakfasts are cashew milk yogurt (Cashewgurt) with fruit, honey, and chia seeds; oatmeal; or a single fried egg with sriracha and avocado. I almost never waver from one of those options during the week.

Sam Conniff Allende · Serial Entrepreneur

Water (often with lemon juice squeezed into it) before the run or walk to work. At work, I have a coffee whilst going over that day’s priorities. After that, porridge or toast so I’m not distracted during the focused work.

And about twenty cups of tea (no exaggeration). Sometimes I make two cups of tea at once if there’s not a big enough mug available. Yes, I’m British, why do you ask?

Jeremy Anderberg · Editor and Podcast Producer

Most mornings my wife makes a smoothie (peanut butter powder, protein powder, chocolate powder, bananas, milk, and ice) at about 5:50am. She drinks hers right away, but I’m someone who doesn’t like to eat for quite a while after waking up, so I don’t have mine until about 7:00. Smoothies are especially awesome for parents, because they can be consumed one-handed and on the go.

Sabrina Hall · Multidisciplinary Designer

I usually have breakfast about half an hour after waking up. On the days I go to the gym I have my breakfast later, as I can’t eat anything before working out—my stomach can’t handle it.

My typical breakfast is a shake made with yogurt, bananas, spinach, blueberries, plant-based protein powder, and almond milk.

Dempsey Marks · Personal Trainer

I don’t typically eat breakfast until I’ve finished my workout, which is 2-3 hours after I’ve woken up. I’ve gone through different phases with this, but I like to give my digestive system a real break overnight, and I train well when I’ve fasted.

My typical breakfast is eggs, veggies, and avocado, but if I’m on the run I’ll grab a Bulletproof protein bar for the road.

Zara Terez Tisch · Co-Founder of Terez

Breakfast foods happen to be my absolute favorite type of food, but I hardly ever really eat breakfast. I usually have a big cup of ginger tea and a coconut water. I’ll make it up by having waffles for lunch or dinner once in a while!

Professor M.S. Rao · International Leadership Guru

There is no fixed time to take my breakfast. It is usually between 8:00 and 10:00am. It all depends on my creative writing and other commitments, such as offering my training programs and delivering speeches.

My wife is a great cook. She changes the menu for breakfast and lunch each day depending on the availability of vegetables, fruits, and groceries at home. Usually I take a typical South Indian breakfast and a North Indian lunch. In fact, I’ve loved North Indian food (my favorites are tandoori chapati and daal) since I served in the Indian Air Force. In the Indian military, food is the same for all soldiers irrespective of the regions and communities they’re from. However, there is the option to choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

Susan Lin · Lead Product Designer, Cloudflare

I eat after walking Mango Roll. This is about forty-five minutes after I get up. I enjoy making “ten-dollar hipster cafe” yogurt. It’s Greek yogurt, granola, honey, cinnamon, and seasonal fruit. If I’m pressed for time, packet miso soup mix is clutch. You can pop it into a thermos to drink while you travel.

If there’s leftover bread, I’ll make toast. My favorite combination is smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber. If I plan ahead, I’ll indulge in congee. Congee is Chinese rice porridge. I have it with pickled cucumbers, pork floss, century egg, peanuts, seaweed, or green onions.

Dr. Anthony Youn · Plastic Surgeon

On non-surgery days I have breakfast within forty minutes of waking, usually with my family. On surgery days I have breakfast about an hour after waking, while at the hospital. I don’t want to make breakfast at home and wake anyone else up, so I eat at the hospital.

My typical breakfast consists of scrambled eggs (ideally from free-range chickens), fresh fruit, full-fat granola, gluten-free toast, and a green smoothie; or any combination of these. Although I grew up eating an interesting combination of a small-town Midwestern meat-and-potatoes diet and a traditional Korean diet, I almost never eat chicken, fish, or pork. Any beef I eat is usually limited to high quality grass-fed beef. Therefore, no bacon, sausage, or ham for breakfast.

Danette May · Health and Mindfulness Expert

It is about 8:30am before I eat breakfast. I wait until my kids are out the door and the dog has been walked. I love breakfast, so I rarely skip it. When I am traveling, I go out of my way to wake up earlier or drive somewhere to have a good breakfast. I usually have one of three things.

  1. Eggs with a slice of Ezekiel toast smeared with natural almond butter.
  2. A green smoothie filled with protein, a ton of greens, and a little bit of fruit.
  3. Homemade protein waffles topped with plain Greek yogurt and natural stevia.

Jamie Melzer · Fruit Jerky Entrepreneur

My Bulletproof coffee (see above) in the morning contains a lot of natural fat (ghee and MCT oil) and is filling without being heavy, so it’s great before a morning workout. I’m typically not hungry for breakfast until 11:00am, so it’s more of an early lunch.

Suzanne Gibbs Howard · Dean of IDEO U

I eat somewhere in the first hour of the day. Often after some exercise and a shower. Breakfast time is family time. Even if I have a breakfast meeting, I still eat at home first because I like to eat eggs and drink coffee while sitting with my wonderful daughter and husband.

Jake Knapp · Productivity Author

We eat breakfast about half an hour after waking up—oatmeal with plain yogurt and nuts on top, sometimes with a few banana slices or berries.

Ashley Eckstein · Actress, Fangirl Trendsetter

I eat breakfast almost right away. Breakfast is really important to me. I love to eat cashew yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit or avocado toast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I love cooking it! I joke that I could eat breakfast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

My husband makes really great pancakes on the weekend, and when my dad comes over, he makes really great biscuits and gravy! I’m a southern girl at heart.

Krista Suh · Activist, Screenwriter

I typically eat yogurt (I’m especially in love with Aussie-style yogurt right now, like Noosa) or eggs. I love over easy style eggs, but I can’t seem to nail it when I cook them myself, so they generally become scrambled eggs when I’m at the helm in the kitchen. I buy pasture-raised eggs—I’m inordinately proud of this, mostly because I don’t do nearly enough for the environment or for animals, but this is my line in the sand: I buy pasture raised eggs; the chickens each have at least 108 square feet of space.

I’m no expert where it comes to food, but just paying attention to my body; I think protein is better for me first thing in the morning.

Kim Leutwyler · Painter

On a painting day I skip breakfast and lunch. It’s not intentional—I just lose all sense of space and time while creating. Eventually, I am pulled out of the zone by a grumbling tummy, so I run to the kitchen and eat the fastest, easiest thing I can get my hands on before going back into the studio. On days when I am not in the mood to paint, I spend time cooking a breakfast sandwich or making a veggie/fruit smoothie.

Ashley Turchin · Co-Founder of ANTHOM

I listen to my body. I’m typically not hungry until a few hours after I wake up. At that point, I’ll drink my smoothie or run across Canal Street and grab a coffee and a banana at Cafe Bari, which is around the corner from ANTHOM in SoHo.

If I miss breakfast completely, I’ll eat my pre-prepared lunch or get a salad at Despaña or a salmon wrap from Sunrise Mart.

Julien Smith · CEO of Breather, Author

I almost never eat breakfast. I generally fast for most of the day, and I begin eating after my workout or around noon or 2:00pm.

I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I find it to be an effective way to run my day. I don’t want to have to go to a ton of effort thinking about what I need to cook throughout the day. I just try to eat most of my calories when I get home, or in the afternoon. So, I almost always skip breakfast, and I often skip lunch as well.

Ainsley Earhardt · Co-Host of Fox & Friends

I normally just have coffee at work because I don’t really get hungry until after Fox & Friends. Occasionally, I’ll get trail mix out of the vending machines in the kitchen.

Des Traynor · Co-Founder of Intercom

Because of the fasting thing, I don’t eat breakfast. My first meal is midday, usually on the dot, as I’m ravenous by that point. When I used to eat breakfast it was pretty random, usually a low-fat latte and some brown bread with peanut butter. On weekends it’d be a fry-up, which is still one of my favorite meals bar none.

Mitch Joel · Founder of Six Pixels Group

Breakfast usually happens within an hour of waking up. Typically it’s a very simple bowl of oatmeal and either caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. I tend to have a small-ish breakfast. I’m not a big breakfast guy.

I should mention that I often have a breakfast meeting (related either to work or to networking) with someone in the morning before I head into the office.

Esmé Weijun Wang · Novelist

I typically have breakfast pretty quickly after waking up, as I often have a light dinner and am hungry when I wake. I love savory food in the morning and often eat leftovers for breakfast. My husband teases me about eating spaghetti or risotto or whatever first thing in the morning.

Ali Bonar · Co-Founder of Kween

As someone who is a “food influencer” (I really hate that term—I’m embarrassed to even write it), I’d love to tell you that I make an alkalizing green smoothie with organic kale from my backyard garden… but instead I slug down some coffee & shovel in a few bites of granola butter on the way out the door. One thing that has changed the way I feel, though, is drinking a BIG glass of water before anything else. I read somewhere that you lose about a liter of water just from breathing/sweating during sleep (and I’m a sweaty gal, so for me it’s probably two liters).

Luckily, we have some hard boiled eggs at the office, so I grab two of those once I get in (around 9:30am) with half an avocado and pink Himalayan salt. I usually stick to protein/fat for breakfast to stabilize my blood sugar. I love fruit/carbs, but they really send me on a blood sugar roller coaster, and the protein/fat combo keeps me feeling full and focused.

Aubrey Marcus · CEO of Onnit

Sometimes I skip breakfast entirely, practicing intermittent fasting where you compress your feeding window to 8 hours. For me this is usually from noon until 8:00pm. But if I do have breakfast I usually have it about an hour after I wake up, and I make sure it is very high fat, high protein, high fiber, but extremely low carb, and no sugar. The worst thing you can do in the morning is spike your blood sugar, because if you do an hour later your blood sugar is gonna crash and you are going to be exhausted right there at the start of your day.

Bone broth and avocado or a smoothie are my go to breakfasts. On the weekends I’ll sometimes make bacon and eggs with some sauteed greens with my fiancée, which is always a treat.

Derik Mills · Founder, CEO of YogaGlo

I make a smoothie for breakfast. On Saturdays when I do a long ride, I first have a larger breakfast of steel-cut oatmeal or quinoa flakes, fruit, almond butter, and a spoonful of maple syrup. I don’t like big, heavy breakfasts.

Eliza Blank · Founder, CEO of The Sill

I always have breakfast before leaving my apartment in the morning. I am a true believer in breakfast. I’ve never understood people who can skip breakfast. I almost always wake up hungry. I generally go for eggs, toast, and at least two full glasses of water. I don’t drink coffee until after I’ve eaten; usually I grab that first cup at O Cafe on my way to work and another once I get to my desk.

Joel Gascoigne · Co-Founder and CEO of Buffer

I always make sure to have breakfast, otherwise I feel a lack of energy and focus by around 11:00am. Depending on my hunger and whether I have exercised, I have either a small, quick breakfast (yogurt with berries and grapes) or a more substantial breakfast (soft-boiled eggs on whole wheat toast with ham and cheese).

Julie Zhuo · VP of Product Design, Facebook

I have breakfast around 8:15am. My husband usually makes scrambled eggs and coffee for me and him and something like porridge and an egg each for the kids.

I love coffee. I love the ritual of it, the smell of it in the kitchen… I bring my coffee to work with me in a mug and sip it throughout the first hour of the day.

Vanessa Van Edwards · Behavioral Investigator

I eat breakfast between half an hour and two hours after waking up. I always have a big bowl of fresh-cut fruit and nuts. Sometimes I add oatmeal when I am extra hungry. On sunny days my husband and I often sit on our deck to eat breakfast. On rainy days we often sit in bed to eat breakfast while reading or chatting.

Lior Arussy · CEO of Strativity

With my routine, I do not get to eat breakfast until about an hour after I wake up. I usually eat yogurt with either granola or strawberries. When traveling, I have eggs to help combat the jetlag. When I’m going to be on stage, I eat especially lightly. I used to be addicted to my morning cappuccino and could not function without it. I was all about the smell, the sipping, the whole nine yards. I kicked that habit a year ago to reduce migraines, and it worked—I have fewer of them now. I do miss my cappuccinos, but I don’t miss them enough to risk bringing the migraines back. My morning drink is now green tea with honey.

Brent Gleeson · Navy SEAL Veteran

I usually eat something very light for breakfast, which comes about twenty minutes after waking up. It consists of fruit and yogurt or a light protein of some kind—for example, egg whites and ground turkey.

Bob Guest · Entrepreneur, Bike Rider

It depends on the day as to whether I eat breakfast before or after I get moving. But I’m committed to my high-fiber flakes with whatever extra spice I find in the fridge.

Kara Goldin · Founder of Hint Inc

After I check my inbox I have a latte so I’m alert and ready for the day. When I get home from my hike I make myself a healthy smoothie, which usually consists of kale, apple, strawberries, and some hint water. This gives me a quick energy boost and makes me feel great.

Jing Wei · Illustrator

I probably have breakfast an hour or so after I wake up. I’m not a coffee drinker, so there’s nothing that’s rushing me to the kitchen in the morning. My go-to is soft scrambled eggs, a thick slice of toast, avocado, and lots of hot sauce. In the winter I switch it up with oatmeal and fruit. On weekends I love making a big brunch, like hash or pancakes. I’m highly motivated by food, so I always associate good mornings with great food.

Leigh Martinuzzi · Blogger, Podcaster

From 5:00am to 7:30am I do my morning routine. I then dedicate 7:30am to 9:00am to my family and the regular household duties that aren’t a great deal. I wash the dishes while listening to an audiobook or podcast. I then make breakfast for my kids and sit to eat with them. I have two girls of ages five and two. My breakfast is a Japanese standard, and it is the same every day except Sunday. It includes rice, miso soup, and pickled or non-pickled vegetables. Delicious!

Lindsay Champion · YA Author

I might have mentally willed myself into becoming a morning person, but my body still refuses to digest anything before about 11:00am, so I’ll stick with water and sometimes a cup of black tea before then. Even when I do finally get around to breakfast, it’s usually extremely light. A handful of almonds or an apple—and once or twice a week when the work kitchen is stocked, a bowl of cereal with almond milk.

L’Oreal Thompson Payton · Blogger, Freelance Writer

About 15-20 minutes after I wake up, depending on how long the meditation I’m listening to before then is. I used to have seasonal breakfast options (cereal in the summer, waffles in the fall, and oatmeal in the winter). But now I eat oatmeal pretty much year-round because it’s quick, convenient, and filling.

Joshua Spodek · Author, Adjunct Professor

Breakfast is usually around 7:00am, depending on how long I was in the bathroom and how long I took to start my burpees. One day I may decide to start them in under three seconds or something like that. For now, I sometimes stand for a while with my inner monologue saying, “start…okay, now start…okay, now start…maybe I should make my bed a little better or clean that dirt off the floor…no, those are just impulses, I’ll let them pass…okay, now start…” etc.

Breakfast is one cup of oats, one heaping tablespoon of chia seeds, two heaping tablespoons of nuts, chopped seasonal fruit, and water. I often eat more fruit and peanut butter after.

Melanie Elturk · Founder of Haute Hijab

I usually have breakfast two or three hours after waking up. I have an egg and a bagel, a waffle, or yogurt, and I always have some fruit and juice so I can take my vitamins. I often have green tea and honey as well. When I really need a caffeine boost I drink black tea with mint.

Hilary Matheson · Ultrarunner, Climber

Well, breakfast and I don’t always get along, but as I’ve noted, I’m working on it.

When I’m at home, I tend to nurse a coffee for a couple hours before frying up a few eggs with dill and ketchup or making a couple slices of avocado toast with sea salt.

When I’m on the road, breakfast is often a banana and some sort of whole-food granola bar (I like Larabars, as they are made primarily of dates and cashews). I’m a grazer, so breakfast is only the first of five or six small meals throughout the day.

Jason Vo · Publisher

I absolutely hate breakfast. I enjoy eating, just not breakfast. I can’t seem to get myself to eat so early in the day. I know it’s very important, so immediately after drinking water, I blend two servings of oatmeal along with two tablespoons of peanut butter and some almond milk, and then I quickly down my shake. It’s a quick (and much easier) way for me to get in my carbs, healthy fats, and fiber to sustain me for the morning.

Samir Becic · Fitness Expert

I eat breakfast forty-five minutes to an hour after I wake up, and my breakfast consists of lean protein and complex carbohydrates, such as three or four eggs, a slice of dense fitness bread, and some fruit.

Since I do a fasted workout every morning (except for water), by the time I eat breakfast I need the nourishment from healthy, balanced foods. The protein from the eggs helps to rebuild my muscle, the complex carbohydrates from the fitness bread gives me sustained energy throughout the day, and the natural sugars from the fruit makes me happy!

Ritu Narayan · CEO of Zūm

I eat my own breakfast between the kids’ breakfasts. I have 15-20 minutes to sit down and eat, which is always nice. Oatmeal with raisins and almonds is my favorite. I also like a bagel with cream cheese and sometimes eggs, but not often. Overall, I keep breakfast pretty simple.

Meredith Laurence · The Blue Jean Chef

I try to eat within an hour of waking up. Some mornings I have oatmeal with some fruit. Other mornings I have eggs. Every once in awhile I go for the ever-popular avocado toast.

Dr. Roshini Raj · Gastroenterologist, Internist

I start my day by drinking a large glass of water, then within 10 minutes of waking I eat yogurt with flaxseed powder and mixed berries, which gives me a dose of probiotics, omega-3’s, and antioxidants.

Carolyn Feinstein · CMO, Dropbox

I eat breakfast and have coffee after getting to the office each morning. I’m insanely lucky that the incredible chefs at Dropbox makes it possible for me to have roasted broccoli, eggs, and a little fruit each morning.

Drew Logan · Fitness Expert, Trainer

Breakfast usually follows a cardio walk on an empty stomach, or some strength training of some kind. It’s typically at 5:10am, so it’s within 90 minutes of waking up. It’s always the same thing during the week: One cup of organic egg whites, two whole farm fresh eggs, one handful of baby spinach, half a medium tomato (scrambled), and half a cup of oatmeal.

Melanie Travis · CEO, Andie Swim

I usually have breakfast about 15-20 minutes after waking up; that gives me just enough time to cuddle with the dog and make coffee. I always have a bowl of cereal with two percent milk. That’s been my breakfast since elementary school, but I love it and almost never do anything differently (on weekdays). On weekends I make pancakes or have granola or something special - it’s a way for me to differentiate between a weekday and a weekend.

If I had my choice, I’d eat Lucky Charms and Golden Grahams for breakfast, but my wife buys our cereal and always gets me something organic and grainy. She has a rule that if there’s a toy in the cereal box, I shouldn’t eat that cereal. I’m sure her way is healthier, but I do miss having milky soft marshmallows floating around in my cereal.

Todd Davis · Executive Vice President, FranklinCovey

Okay… no judgment here please. I have breakfast on my way to work. My breakfast typically takes place at the drive-through at McDonalds (I said “no judgement”) where I order a large Diet Coke in a foam cup (it’s awesome, no extra charge for the foam cup) and a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit: $4.73. It’s pretty sad that the guy at the drive-through knows me by name, right?

Gail Saltz · Psychiatrist, Author

I usually eat within an hour of getting up. I always have one cup of coffee with skim milk and then a Greek yogurt, a small bowl of oatmeal with some berries, or a handful of almonds or cashews (when I’m not that hungry).

Sean Conlon · Real Estate Entrepreneur

I typically don’t have breakfast, just a coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts in the morning. There’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee to kick-start my day!

Matthew Weatherley-White · Managing Director, The CAPROCK Group

My morning breakfast is actually an extended ritual of beverage and food that can span up to five hours, depending on what I’m doing. The beverage is almost always caffeinated, a habit my English father instilled in me as a young boy. He worked early, so he was often gone by the time we woke, but when he was home he would bring us tea and English muffins with butter and orange marmalade made from a can of “Ma Made” Seville oranges, sold by Hartleys. I still start my own batches of marmalade with that same brand, and I still steep my morning brew with high-quality tea from Murchie’s, Mariage Frères, or Grace Fine Tea.

I’m also a big fan of eating a lot of small meals. I almost always start with two pieces of buttered toast spread with homemade jam and usually followed shortly by a piece of fruit. By 8:00am I’m usually hungry again, so when I’m out exercising, I usually have some food with me (I LOVE almond butter and honey sandwiches when riding a bike, but I typically turn to a more easily digested sports bar when I’m running). When I’m working I hoover my all-time favorite breakfast, which I’ve eaten most mornings for many, many years: a massive bowl of my homemade granola/muesli mix, some sort of seasonal fruit, a big dollop of plain yogurt, and a long pour of agave, doused with milk and liberally sprinkled with toasted almond slices. Just writing that makes me hungry.

Regardless of what I have, breakfast is usually over around 11:00am, and I typically don’t get hungry again until 1:00pm.

Allison Grayce · Designer, Parent

I get at least one cup of coffee in me before eating breakfast because that precious hour before my son wakes up needs to be super productive!

I wait to eat until my son does because it’s easier to fix breakfast for two in one go, and I prefer to eat meals together. It’s typically eggs, fruit, and sometimes a bagel or waffle depending on how hungry we are.

Kristen Ulmer · Fear Specialist

When I eat is based on how productive I am with work (as you can tell, I work from home). When I’m feeling lazy, I bail off the computer ASAP and go right for breakfast. When I get lost in a project, I don’t think about food until noon.

What I eat is entirely based on circumstances. When I’m dehydrated, a granola concoction with chia and hemp seeds, walnuts, and goji berries covered in almond milk sounds really good. When I have a big day planned that involves sports, I make a single egg with cheese and spinach on garlic Triscuits and drink about four ounces of pomegranate juice. When I’ve been eating crappy food for days, I may blend up an absolutely disgusting, not-at-all sweet kale shake and choke it down.

Jenny Blake · Author, Career/Business Strategist

I do intermittent fasting, which means that I don’t eat a meal until the afternoon. Instead, I have Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil with my Rishi Early Grey tea. That keeps me alert and satiated. Unless I am still hungry, that is all I eat until “linner,” when I usually have one big meal in the late afternoon.

One of my favorite snacks is a concoction of my own called “Almond Brulee”— almond butter with a light layer coconut oil across the top (right in the almond butter container), a tiny bit of honey, and sea salt, then refrigerate for at least 15 minutes. When the coconut oil hardens, you break it with that satisfying “tik tik tik” sound that creme brulee makes, but without all the sugar. It’s really filling too! Almonds, avocado and eggs are also go-to snacks.

In the Winter I also make my mom’s chili soup for lunch and/or dinner (recipe here—make one batch and it lasts all week!) which reduces decision-fatigue from having to decide what to cook or eat every day.

James P. Owen · Forty-Year Wall Street Veteran

After working out. On days I do strength training, it’s always the same menu – eggs, three and a half strips of crisp bacon, and two cups of black coffee. No potatoes, no toast. A while back, my doctor told me I shouldn’t eat that much bacon, so I got another doctor. On other days, I eat something like an egg-white omelet with vegetables and mozzarella. Again, no bread. On Sundays, I treat myself with steel-cut oatmeal and two pieces of Ezekiel bread, buttered.

Tammy Strobel · Writer, Photographer

During 2016 and 2017, I changed my diet and eating patterns because of health issues. In years past, I delayed eating breakfast. Today, I make breakfast a priority. I love eating eggs or oats, and I pair the meal with fruit or nuts. If I’m running behind, I eat an RXBAR. Also, I eat a snack—well some folks would probably call it second breakfast—after CrossFit. CrossFit makes me perpetually hungry.

Hitha Palepu · Writer, Entrepreneur

I usually have a smoothie. We have a Daily Harvest subscription, and I make one of those with almond milk and add MCT oil, collagen peptides, and a scoop of protein powder. When I’m really hungry, I make savory oatmeal or a veggie-egg scramble.

Ravi Raman · Executive Career Coach

I eat breakfast around 7:00am, a few hours after waking up. It’s a predictable smoothie made of plant-based protein powder, almond milk (unsweetened), frozen berries, and ground flax seeds. It’s about 300 calories and keeps me satiated until lunch.

Simon Enever · Co-Founder of Quip

I usually don’t have breakfast until I get to the office. My go-to’s are yogurt, a protein milkshake, oatmeal, or a breakfast bar, depending on the time of the year and the amount of time I have to prepare/eat them. It’s usually just something to help me sustain my energy and focus until lunch.

Over the years, I have strived for variety by experimenting with different breakfast foods. Throughout the year I go for different foods in the morning to jumpstart my day, the only consistency being my morning coffee. I get bored of other foods very fast, and need to rotate.

Wendy McKennon · Head of UX, Color

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I’m less hungry for a full breakfast first thing in the morning. Other than my coffee and cookie, I don’t usually eat until I get into the office.

I usually have a bowl of granola or a piece of toast (famous four-dollar San Francisco toast, if I can get my hands on it, covered in cinnamon and sugar).

Mick Batyske · DJ, Parent

Breakfast usually occurs between 9:00am and 10:00am, after the morning routine above. I’m pretty healthy with my breakfast - scrambled eggs, mixed greens, and avocado. Sometimes some bacon if I am feeling decadent. I may do a smoothie instead, which usually consists of spinach, kale, avocado, protein, blueberries, peanut butter, and almond milk.

Jamie Morea · Co-Founder of Hyperbiotics

I became a big fan of intermittent fasting after learning about its impact on gut health, so I try to maximize the length of time between when I eat dinner at night and when I have my first bite in the morning. I usually succeed at a full twelve-hour stretch and sometimes make it as long as fifteen hours.

We’re currently experimenting with a low-sugar version of the “primal diet” to boost our digestive and immune health. We’re combining Mark Sisson’s philosophy with the research by Weston Price, and I highly suggest giving it a go. It’s intense to say the least, and our poor toddler keeps wandering into the pantry, hoping to find a banana or something sweet to gnaw on. The good news for him (and all of us) is that this diet is particularly great for oral health, so he’ll thank us at some point. You see, my son was born nearly three months premature. The enamel on some of his teeth didn’t develop properly, so we’re taking extreme measures to try to protect his teeth.

Here’s a peek at what our breakfast is looking like these days:

  • Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a half teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water
  • Juice made from carrot, beet, lemon, celery, cucumber, and parsley blended with avocado, acerola vitamin C powder, bee pollen, and acai powder
  • Homemade kefir yogurt from raw goat’s milk mixed with prebiotic powder, hemp seeds, Bulletproof Collagen Protein, and apples, blueberries, strawberries, or pumpkin baked with coconut oil, cinnamon, and vanilla.

And then, because my metabolism is in full gear in the morning, I usually have a second breakfast around an hour and half later that consists of poached eggs, veggies, and avocado with olive oil and pickled onions. I mean, who wouldn’t want two breakfasts each day?

I usually take my daily supplements with my “second” breakfast. These include fermented cod liver oil, vitamin D, food-based calcium, a food-based multivitamin, curcumin phytosome, and my probiotic cocktail of PRO-Moms, Hyperbiotics Immune, and PRO-15 Advanced Strength.

All in all, we know that sleep, exercise, and diet are critical for optimal gut and overall health, and since I don’t always have control over the first one, I like to compensate by overdoing numbers two and three.

Jenna Tanenbaum · Founder, GreenBlender

This really depends on how hard my workout is that morning. If I have a hard workout, I usually have something small like a hard-boiled egg or toast before I head to work. If not, I usually wait until 10:00am to have a smoothie.

Mike Vardy · Founder of Productivityist

The smoothie is my usual breakfast, and it happens almost right away since I have it while going through my morning reading workflow. Sometimes I’ll add steel cut oatmeal to the mix, but that’s usually on weekends when my wife prepares breakfast.

Leen Al Zaben · Writer, Food Stylist, Photographer

Breakfast is the reason I go to bed at night. It’s my favorite meal of the day.

I work out three mornings a week, and on those mornings I make a vegan protein shake. On other days, I have black tea with mint, some fresh juice (if I have time to make it), and toast, which I make in the June Oven, with labneh (a Middle Eastern strained yogurt) and sometimes berries or cherry tomatoes. This has been my staple breakfast since childhood.

Nikki Pechet · VP of Marketing, Thumbtack

I always start with a cup of warm water, then move on to coffee with almond milk. I generally don’t have breakfast until I’m in the office, and then I’ll have green juice or a handful of nuts.

May Boeve · Executive Director of

Usually after about twenty minutes. When I’m in a hurry, I sometimes skip it and just eat at the office. Lately I’ve been making a smoothie with banana and almond milk. Here’s the recipe: a glass of almond milk, one banana, a dash of cinnamon, and a few ice cubes.

Stephanie Lee · Writer for Lifehacker, Men’s Health

Breakfast is usually a bowl of piping hot oatmeal mixed with protein powder and milk. As you can probably tell, I like hot foods and drinks more than cold items.

When I’m traveling I am more flexible with my breakfast choices and usually go with the city or country’s indigenous breakfast. For example, in Japan, I often had a thick piece of toast with jam and egg whites. Whatever the breakfast, though, I always make sure to include protein.

Zane Bevan · Creative Director at Robinhood

I have never been much of a breakfast in the morning person. If I get hungry, I usually eat an apple or something light. Breakfast for dinner, or later on weekends is a different story: Bacon, eggs, pancakes… the works.

Amanda Hesser · Co-Founder and CEO of Food52

This changes depending on what my schedule looks like. If I’m going directly to the office, I pick up a croissant and decaf coffee with soy milk at Seven Grams. Let’s not discuss the decaf or the soy milk; both depress me but are necessary.

I much prefer breakfast meetings to lunch meetings, so when I meet someone for breakfast I order - rather boringly - two poached eggs, toast with butter, orange juice, and coffee. I like blunt, wholesome foods in the morning. Lunch and dinner are for whimsy.

Merrill Stubbs · Co-Founder and President of Food52

I don’t eat breakfast much anymore. After an honest assessment of my hunger patterns, I found I don’t usually get hungry until midday.

I fill my water bottle with eighteen ounces of water mixed with two ounces of orange juice and try to drink the whole thing before leaving the house in the morning or having my first cup of coffee. I nurse another bottle of this water/orange juice mix once I get to the office, and I usually have a second coffee before lunch.

Shawna Kaminski · Fitness Coach

I immediately have a green drink with apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and a scoop of protein powder. And I admittedly have a big cup of coffee because I love coffee.

Christine Koh · Lifestyle Expert, Parent

As soon as I wake up I have a large glass of water with a splash of coconut water, and then coffee. Then, maybe an hour later, I make a smoothie. I am such a creature of habit in the morning!

Sahara Rose · Holistic and Ayurvedic Nutritionist

I usually wait at least three hours and feel so much better that way. On days I eat breakfast, I end up feeling heavier and hungrier for the rest of the day. I’ve really been loving overnight oats and quinoa porridge recently.

Terri Schneider · Endurance Athlete, Author

I only eat something prior to my workout if I am going longer than an hour; in that case, I have sprouted grain toast with almond butter while I’m heading out the door.

I usually eat breakfast after my morning workout. Breakfast is what I crave, and all the ingredients I use to make it are organic and pasture-raised (if I’m home). I typically have one of the following: eggs over medium, hard boiled, or scrambled with spinach or leftovers from the night before; oatmeal with plain greek yogurt and fruit or applesauce; plain greek yogurt or cottage cheese; toast with any of the above; or a smoothie with lots of fruits and veggies.

I don’t just stick with traditional breakfast foods but can also eat leftovers from the day before. I drink coffee with organic half and half. I enjoy slowly sipping my coffee. I don’t drink a lot of coffee, but I want it to be really good (with cream in it) so I can savor it.

Erin Loechner · Author, Parent

Although I like having breakfast right away, it’s not worth waking up the kids with a sizzling skillet. Often, I’ll wait until my daughter is awake (she’s the lighter sleeper), and then I’ll make breakfast for both of us. It’s nearly always the same: eggs, avocado, and berries for her; sweet potato hash with bacon, kale, and a fried egg for me. I’m a total creature of habit when it comes to food!

Erika Serow · President and US CEO, Sweaty Betty

Not immediately. When I eat at home, I have fitness bread with avocado mash, lemon, chili flakes, scrambled eggs, and cheddar - it’s delicious. Fitness bread is some European-torture-device type of bread that I’m sure is full of all sorts of nutritional goodness (it’s from Whole Foods) and looks a bit like wet cardboard. It grows on you and is especially delicious with the combination of things I mentioned above.

When I eat on the go (the majority of the month), I have a vanilla protein smoothie at Juice Press - hold the coconut nectar, add kale…

Guy Tal · Landscape and Nature Photographer

As soon as I can get it prepared. I usually wake up hungry and I like big, hearty, breakfasts. I’m vegetarian and my favorite breakfast is a good tofu scramble with potatoes and lots of vegetables. Recently I developed an unfortunate sensitivity to soy and reluctantly substituted some of my breakfast favorites with eggs and dairy products.

Nick Onken · Photographer, Podcast Host

Typically, breakfast is a protein shake after I’ve meditated and worked out, so I have it about an hour after I wake up. I put all kinds of goodies in it like goji berries, wheatgrass powder, cold brew coffee, almond milk, etc. I usually take some spirulina tablets and probiotics along with it.

Mauricio F. Corridan · Photographer

About an hour after getting up. I start my day with a green smoothie bowl with fruits and seeds or with avocado crackers with some lemon and seeds.

My green smoothie bowl recipe goes as follows:

You’ll need raw buckwheat, a spoon of honey, a spoon of coconut oil, spinach, freshly squeezed orange juice, and one or two bananas. Use a blender to mix everything together. Once mixed, you can make it look nice in a bowl by adding some fruit, chia seeds, and cacao nibs on top. It’s very healthy and really delicious!

Vanessa Garcia · Multidisciplinary Artist

I have breakfast about twenty minutes after I get up. I’m usually hungry when I wake up. Even if I’m not starving, I still have breakfast. I love breakfast.

I usually make myself a smoothie with plant-based proteins because I’m a vegetarian. Sometimes I eat a banana with almond butter and piece of dark chocolate. Some mornings I’ll eat all of the above. On mornings I’m not hungry, I just grab a fistful of whatever nut is handy.

Erin Motz · Co-Founder of Bad Yogi

I’m starving the moment I wake up, so I always eat within the hour. When it’s cold, I eat oatmeal, and when it’s warm, I eat fruit and some kind of protein and fat.

Danny Gregory · Artist, Author

I eat relatively soon after I get up. I usually eat while I draw or write. I like oats (raw with a little milk, maybe some applesauce).

Liesl Gibson · Pattern Designer

I try to delay breakfast for as long as possible, which is easy when I exercise but more difficult if I’m really tired or if I don’t exercise. Usually, I try to wait until about 11:00-11:30am, and I’ll often scramble a couple of eggs with a huge handful of baby spinach.

Steph Davis · Free Soloist, Wingsuit BASE Jumper

Normally I have “first breakfast,” which is muesli, soy or coconut yogurt, and a banana or a peach, as well as ginger tea.

Later in the morning, after I get back from running and working out, I’ll eat a toasted bagel with almond butter, kale salad, or some leftover rice and vegetables from dinner and have that with Earl Grey tea.

Lisa Nicole Bell · Writer, Producer, Podcast Host

I usually have breakfast within an hour of waking. My go-to breakfast is scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, and arugula or fruit. I’m a hardcore snacker and grazer, preferring to feed my body constantly throughout the day, so I eat just enough breakfast to satisfy my hunger until my next snack.

Laura Roeder · Founder of Edgar

Within a half hour or so of waking up I have a green smoothie for breakfast. My current go-to recipe is kale, carrots, banana, pineapple, coconut water, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and hemp seeds.

Sol Orwell · Co-Founder of

I actually skip breakfast. I never enjoyed it—it always made me feel heavy, so I started skipping it. I’ve now been intermittently fasting for about seven years.

For those who don’t know, intermittently fasting basically means you don’t eat for roughly sixteen hours of the day and you eat for eight.

Now I have a late lunch (around 1:00-2:00pm), and then just eat until roughly 10:00pm. I find not thinking about food a lot more satisfying.

Sarah Doody · UX Designer, Product Strategist

When I get up in the morning, I always drink lemon water. It wakes me up without being jarring, and it helps me rehydrate. Next, I either make a latte with almond milk in my Nespresso machine or have black tea with almond milk.

I try to eat within two hours of waking up. I’m a protein person. Sometimes I boil two eggs and add some feta cheese, or other times I’ll have a protein shake that I make in this awesome single serve blender.

I also try to have a snack in the mid-morning (maybe an apple, almonds, veggies, or yogurt) and drink a bunch more water.

Gracy Obuchowicz · Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader

I always do at least a little exercise before I eat breakfast. It’s gotten to the point where it feels strange to eat without moving a little.

Breakfast is never huge because I like to eat a big lunch. My favorite breakfast is a bowl chia/flax pudding that I soak overnight in coconut milk with raisins and nuts. Plus coffee, always coffee. I gave it up for a few years because it made me jittery, but I discovered last year that I enjoy it again and it doesn’t negatively affect my nervous system if I drink it before lunch.

Shane Parrish · Founder of Farnam Street

My mind is typically awake before my stomach. Only after drinking coffee and completing a good chunk of work will I sit down to have breakfast. This usually consists of high protein/fat. I love bacon.

Raffaella Caso · Founder of BabyGreen

I have a coffee on my own while I write my daily docket at about 5:30am. Then I have a full breakfast with my family at about 7:20am. I recently discovered the benefits of overnight oats and I love them!

Victoria Durnak · Artist, Sculptor

I love breakfast. I start looking forward to it in the evening.

My favorite breakfast is yogurt with seeds, oats, nuts, and fruit, and a glass of grapefruit or orange juice. Even though it is 8:00pm, I actually had to make a bowl while writing this.

David Cancel · Entrepreneur, Investor

Lately I’ve been doing intermittent fasting, and for me that means fasting in the morning—aside from black coffee. If I do eat, it’s something light after my morning practice.

Isabel De Los Rios · Certified Nutritionist

After I do the typical bathroom thing, I go to the kitchen and make a matcha tea or decaf coffee (with coconut milk, cinnamon, and stevia).

I sip on this, alongside twenty-four ounces of water with lemon, celtic sea salt, and a few drops of trace minerals, for the first hour I am awake and it really keeps me satisfied until about 6:30am. At that time, I have my Daily Energy Greens drink.

I don’t eat until 8:00am, when my kids are up and we all have breakfast together. As strange as this sounds to some people, I always have leftover dinner for breakfast. A typical breakfast might be chicken legs with a side of cauliflower and some raw veggies. I don’t eat anything too heavy because my workout is shortly after.

David Kadavy · Author

I try to make it to around noon before eating. I use an egg maker to poach about three eggs and then I sauté vegetables, or I’ll make a smoothie with coconut milk, MCT oil, vegetables, a few berries, and some stevia.

Ann Friedman · Freelance Journalist

I like to have coffee first and then eat breakfast an hour or two after waking up. I’m usually not hungry right away. I don’t really have a typical breakfast. The rotation includes smoothies, yogurt with granola, avocado toast, toast with almond butter, and the occasional egg sandwich for when I’m hungover or want a treat.

Sonia Rao · Singer-Songwriter

I eat as soon as I’m showered and dressed, so typically a half hour after waking up. I usually have toast with butter and a cup of chai.

Tiffany Pham · Founder, CEO of Mogul

I do not typically have breakfast. But if I do, it’s usually because I’m taking a team member out in order to stay connected on both a personal and professional level. We usually have breakfast sandwiches, such as whole wheat wraps with eggs and ham, and orange juice.

Jess Weiner · Social Entrepreneur

My typical breakfast is a variation of eggs with spinach, mushrooms, onions, or avocado, and some sliced fruit. My husband’s eggs are delicious; he stir-fries the veggies in garlic - yum! If I’m drinking coffee, it’s a vanilla latte. I also love mint tea.

Kate Krasileva · Psychology Researcher

I eat about forty-five minutes after waking up, after I exercise and shower. I typically eat oatmeal with cinnamon and fruit. Sometimes I’ll have yogurt or avocado toast instead. And I always have a big cup of coffee.

Catherine Connors · Writer, Parent

I have coffee, usually within about ten minutes of getting up. I don’t normally eat anything until mid-morning.

My first meal is something that’s easy to make, like toast or oatmeal. On days when I feel more motivated (or really in need of a boost), I’ll make a smoothie - either banana date or strawberry beet. I keep frozen ingredients at hand to toss in the Vitamix (I LOVE my Vitamix), so it’s not that making the smoothie is complicated, but rather that coffee and toast are the easy choice when even the decision between strawberries and bananas feels like too much of a distraction. ;)

Sean Ogle · Entrepreneur, Writer

I usually make it about an hour and a half after getting up. It serves as a good first break after I get some writing done.

I’ll usually either make an omelette/scramble, or a green smoothie if I’m in a hurry.

Katelin Jabbari · Googler, Parent

I eat breakfast as soon as I get to my desk, usually around 8:30am, so about three hours after I wake up.

Unless there’s something particularly tempting in one of the cafes at my office (like tater tots, which I’m incapable of turning down) I typically have egg whites with soy sauce, as well as Greek yogurt with banana slices. You’d think it would be tempting to constantly try new things from the cafes at work, but I actually prefer to follow somewhat of a routine with my meals to avoid decision fatigue (and ultimately stick with healthier options).

Rachel Binx · Data Visualizer, Artist

I try to eat breakfast within the first hour of waking up. I don’t like to put a lot of effort into making breakfast every day, so I’ll often cook a batch of breakfast burritos and freeze them. My other breakfast staple is a whole sweet potato - just put it in the oven, come back an hour later and it’s filling enough for an entire meal (plus, it’s super healthy!). If I don’t eat breakfast, I’ll have a terrible time concentrating for the rest of the morning.

Taylor Davidson · Entrepreneur, Photographer

Breakfast for me starts with coffee. I enjoy making coffee for my wife and I at home, and we recently added a new grinder and a Chemex to our toolbox, so I spend a fair amount of time thinking about what beans we’re using, what the coffee should taste like, and what we want that morning.

Breakfast rotates between yogurt and granola, oatmeal, and eggs, usually made at home by me or by my wife. We spend a fair amount of time at home in the mornings, so it isn’t a rushed affair, and we try to enjoy our mornings with the news, breakfast, and our family before we have to move on to our days.

Manuel Lima · Designer, Author

I have breakfast roughly 10-15 minutes after waking up. It does vary a bit, but normally one or two of these options: cereal and milk, sourdough toast with ham and cheese, Greek yogurt and peanut butter, scrambled eggs, or fruit. Coffee and milk are always included.

Ann Handley · Author, CCO of MarketingProfs

I don’t eat breakfast, but I do eat breakfast food at lunchtime.

So is that breakfast, or is it lunch? Brunch? Leakfast? Something else entirely? I’ll ponder this on my time, not yours.

Craig Ballantyne · Author, Fitness Expert

I’m up for about three hours before breakfast. I’m not into the sixteen-hour daily fasting, but I make sure there is a twelve-hour break between dinner and my morning meal.

For breakfast, I have my unique “Bulletproof Cereal” (nicknamed after the Bulletproof Coffee phenomenon). Here’s the strange recipe that I follow due to my love for cereal but my need to avoid gluten.

Craig’s Bulletproof Cereal:

  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 3 ounces walnuts
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter (crunchy, of course!)
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • Optional: 1 tablespoon cacao nibs

It’s high fat and high calorie, but it keeps me full for hours (usually 5-6 hours, from 7:00am to lunchtime).

If I’m at a restaurant for a business meeting, I’ll have four scrambled eggs with spinach and then a bowl of pineapple.

Chris Guillebeau · Author, Modern-Day Explorer

I usually eat within an hour, and I try to have a good breakfast every day. At home I pick up a breakfast sandwich from Lovejoy Bakers, a local place I visit almost every day. On the road I’m in hotels, so it’s eggs and coffee. Further afield it might be an Indian or Lebanese breakfast (think labneh, hummus, fava beans, etc.), which is also great.

Oh, I’m also a big believer in coffee. I’ll usually have at least one americano or macchiato, and more often two.

Dustin Senos · Designer and Engineer

Each morning I eat a creation that my lady nicknamed “slop.” Slop is a mix of steel-cut oats, coconut shreds, raisins, flax seeds, peanut butter, water, and VEGA protein powder.

During breakfast we often listen to a record. We’re both fans of jazz. Thelonious Monk, Oscar Peterson, or instrumental hip hop are regular morning jams.

Manoush Zomorodi · Host, Managing Editor of Note to Self

First thing in the morning is the only time of day that I’m not hungry. So I feel like I need to take advantage of it! Plus, I take my thyroid medicine first thing and technically you’re not supposed to eat for thirty minutes afterwards.

If I eat with my kids, I’ll make oatmeal or a Greek yogurt parfait. If I wait until I get to work, I’ll pick up oatmeal at the food court downstairs (made with almond milk with blueberries, chia, flax, and shredded coconut on top). I’ve been trying to lay off the bagels, cereal, and toast, but like to save eggs for lunch or dinner. The post-40 metabolism slowdown is real. I’m aiming for more protein than ever before.

David Moore · Designer

Usually, I have breakfast a bit later, around 9:00am, at this great little cafe by the office. It’s always fairly light as I’m not a heavy breakfast eater. I usually really begin eating around 1 or 2:00pm.

Jake Kahana · Artist, Creative Director

Before the gym I’ll usually have something very small. A half piece of bread or a banana. Afterwards, it’s usually a protein shake, a hardboiled egg, and a yogurt.

Cara Stawicki · Rower

I usually get home from practice around 9:00am and start making breakfast almost immediately. I’m eating by about 9:30 and try to get out the door by 10:00 to grab a second cup of coffee and settle in with my laptop to work.

I almost always have eggs, egg whites, or a combination of both, as well as sautéed veggies with either toast or oatmeal. My current go-to is two slices of Canyon Bakehouse Mountain white bread toasted, two teaspoons of Bonne Maman jam or jelly, and eggs on top mixed with spinach and either cheese or avocado. It’s a great mix of fat, carbs, and protein. If I’m particularly hungry, I may add a sliced banana on top too.

Penelope Trunk · Author, Entrepreneur

The Farmer (Ed: Penelope’s husband) gets up every morning, at 6:00am, eats breakfast with us, and then feeds the pigs.

We have the kind of eggs that sell for $2.00 each in Chicago. Deep yellow yolk from chickens who spend their days in heaven, pecking the grass and going wherever they want and eating whatever they want. The boys don’t like eggs. I have tried to force feed them in many different ways, including earning Nintendo DSi games. Nothing works. So I eat eggs and the kids eat pancakes and the Farmer eats eggs and pancakes.

Morgan Jaldon · Marathon Runner

I eat breakfast immediately after I brush my teeth. I eat a one cup of Cheerios with soy milk and a slice of wheat toast with peanut butter. I eat this for breakfast religiously. This is around 5:00am, then I have a second breakfast of oatmeal at around 8:00am when I get to work.

Rand Fishkin · Founder of Moz

I’m often skipping breakfast, but when I do have it, it’s 1-2 hours after I wake up because I like to exercise and shower first.

Courtney Carver · Writer, Photographer

I eat at the end of my morning routine, usually around 8:00am. I either have a green smoothie, or steamed spinach, egg, and an apple with almond butter. I love having greens for breakfast. It took some getting used to, but now it’s just part of the routine.

After I eat, I have an espresso.

Danielle Buonaiuto · Soprano

​Coffee is a definite must, and a glass of water.

In warmer months, I gravitate towards a light smoothie with avocado, banana, non-dairy milk, and a bit of honey (and maybe some berries). I might grab ​a high-energy booster, like some nuts or a date bar. In cooler months, I love steel-cut oats with nuts and apples. I make them ahead and throw a container in my bag, and warm them up at work. I love to drink my second cup of coffee from my travel mug on the train.

Elizabeth Royal · Street Style, Fashion Photographer

I have breakfast about two hours after I get out of bed, so 10:00am.

I typically have two egg whites and an egg fried or in an omelette, depending on how fancy I’m feeling or if I have anything interesting in my fridge to add to the omelette; a sprinkle of salt and pepper, sometimes some bell peppers or cheese on top.

Fridays are pancake day, though. I do a classic pancake breakfast; syrup, butter, everything. It’s my little way of celebrating the last day of the work week!

Johnny FD · Entrepreneur, Frequent Traveler

Around thirty minutes after I wake up I have Bulletproof Coffee which is made with local coffee beans, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil, which I make at the coworking space wherever I am with my Aeropress, which I love. I do this Monday - Friday and on weekends I have bacon, eggs, and avocado instead.

I used to eat first thing in the morning but now I wait until I’m actually hungry. If I was trying to gain muscle, I would have some protein as soon as I woke up but right now I’m just trying to lean out.

Crystal Paine · Author, Speaker

I usually have breakfast with my family, after my morning routine is complete and my family is up, dressed, and ready for the day to begin. We keep breakfasts easy and usually rotate through a couple of our healthy favorites: fried eggs, sausage, cereal, and oatmeal. Most mornings, I have eggs and/or sausage.

Wesley Verhoeve · Photographer

I tend to go for proteins, which usually take the shape of baked eggs with some veggies and/or meat. I also love a cup of tea in the morning, and lots of water.

Wesley Verhoeve’s breakfast

For more of Wesley’s photos, follow him on Instagram.

Mimi Ikonn · Co-Founder of Luxy Hair

Breakfast is the last step of our morning routine, so we usually eat about an hour after we wake up, once we’ve finished with our morning workout and are ready for the day.

On weekdays we prefer to have something easy and simple, such as boiled eggs with some sliced veggies and gluten free chestnut crips, or a vegetable omelette with sliced avocado on the side. Alex usually cooks breakfast while I do my makeup. On the weekends I make breakfast and since I have more time I usually make something more complex and savory, such as my favourite gluten-free baked banana pancakes.

The recipe is so simple: it’s a spoon of almond butter, one banana, one egg, and a pinch of baking soda. Once you mix it all, you bake it for about 10-15 minutes. I’ll then drizzle some organic maple syrup over it and top the pancakes with organic berries.

Louisa Rogers · Business Trainer, Writer

As a recovering overeater, I like to delay breakfast in order to narrow the gap between breakfast and lunch, but I don’t always succeed.

I don’t care for the typical American breakfast. I usually have either roasted vegetables or what I call my “Improvisational Warm Salad”, which consists of a simple green salad with a few generous spoonfuls of whatever leftovers are in the fridge, heated up. I mix them all together, and then top up the whole happy mess with salad dressing. It’s so satisfying, I often have a second helping.

Carrie Melissa Jones · Writer, Community Builder

Every Sunday night or Monday morning I make baked oatmeal that lasts through the week.

I used to skip breakfast and go straight to espresso, but I’d start flagging by the afternoon and I grew strangely resentful of everyone around me who was not making me coffee. No one wants to be that resentful, coffee-dependent person. So I stopped being her. After a few weeks of headaches and lots of ibuprofen and water, I’m just fine.

Yuko Shimizu · Japanese Illustrator, Educator

There is no set breakfast menu. Sometimes it’s cereal with lot of fruits and unsweetened but full-fat yogurt on top. Other times it’s toast with butter, with raw honey and cinnamon sprinkled on top.

If I feel really hungry, I may add scrambled or sunny side up eggs on top, and a big cup of English breakfast tea with lots of milk.

Temitopé Owolabi · Photographer, Student

They say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I’d say immediately after I shower and brush my teeth I might make some oatmeal or have some cereal with eggs, bacon, and toast.

Whenever I’m in a rush and don’t have time to prepare breakfast I’ll grab an apple. That usually does the job for me.

Aiste Gazdar · Co-Founder, Director of Wild Food Cafe

I usually have green tea with fresh mint around 7:00am, but I don’t eat until about 9-10:00am. Sometimes I skip breakfast altogether and eat around 11-12:00pm.

Typical breakfast is a nutrient-packed plant-based smoothie made by either me or my husband, or oats porridge in winter, or just a handful of pine nuts and bee pollen. Very simple stuff, I don’t really like fussing about breakfast much, as I’m too excited about getting on with my day.

Sara Rosso · Director of Marketing at Automattic

It depends which country I’m in!

Honestly, though I’ve been based in Italy 12 years I haven’t ever become a big fan of the pastries eaten with the espresso, but I’m definitely a big fan of espresso. If I’m in Rome on the weekend I might sneak in a little maritozzo, a small sweet roll filled with whipped cream, or if I’m elsewhere I’ll try something local, but I usually default to a KIND bar, oatmeal, greek yogurt, pizza bianca, or just hold on until lunch.

It’s still in flux. I love chilaquiles and eggs and will eat them when I can get them (usually in California). If I’m making coffee at home with my moka pot, the time spent waiting for it to brew is usually a good time to prepare myself mentally to work.

Laura Vanderkam · Author, Parent

If it’s a shorter morning (I’ve slept past 6:30am) I make breakfast immediately after feeding the baby and showering. If it’s a longer morning (the baby has gotten me up at 5:00 and I haven’t gone back to bed) then I’ll wait a while so I’m not banging around and waking other people up.

I make myself an omelet: two eggs, and whatever we have around. For a while my favorite was spinach and mushroom, but I experiment. Sometimes I just want two eggs, plain, except for butter and salt.

Nathan Kontny · CEO of Highrise, Parent

Addison eats what she eats :)

I’ll have a protein bar or Greek yogurt. I also try to have a salad of at least spinach and broccoli: no dressing, just raw veggies. Most people make a face when they hear that. But it’s hard during the day to always get the vegetables we should be eating, so I try to make sure my day starts out as healthy as it possibly can.

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal right? So why not get a big dose of superfoods for it. Did you know there’s more vitamin C in broccoli than in oranges?

Jessica Zollman · Photographer, Former Community Evangelist

I need to have breakfast within an hour of waking up or else I turn into a hangry monster. “Hanger,” for those unfamiliar with the term, is when hunger meets anger. You wouldn’t like me when I’m hangry.

My husband and I have been eating a heart-healthy breakfast of steel cut oats with mixed berries and walnuts, hard boiled eggs and black pour over coffee routinely for the past two years. Whenever we run out of the healthy breakfast ingredients my fallback has always been a big sugary bowl of Frosted Flakes.

Adebe DeRango-Adem · Graduate Student, Freelance Journalist

Around half an hour after waking up, I usually opt for organic yogurt with berries, bananas, an array of nuts and seeds, a single pasture-raised egg, and a slice of hearty bread.

And if my fiancé isn’t looking, I’ll sneak in a piece of dark chocolate… Shhh…

Hua Wang · Entrepreneur, Aspiring Cook

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I usually have oatmeal, yogurt with fresh fruit, or a green smoothie. I like to stick with the same breakfast foods because it is one less decision I have to make. I’m intrigued by psychology research around decision fatigue, and the idea that our brain has only so much mental energy a day to make decisions before it becomes tired.

Claire Díaz-Ortiz · Author, Speaker, Early Twitter Employee

Every weekday morning I have scrambled eggs with spinach, fruit, and decaf coffee (sometimes Bulletproof Coffee), or decaf tea with almond or coconut milk.

I used to have fresh-squeezed orange juice but recently have stopped because of blood sugar stuff. I’m desperate to get a great green juice with greens from our new garden, but the one time I tried it was so hideous I got discouraged. I need to find a better Vitamix-friendly recipe.

On weekends I add bacon and almond-flour crepes.

Ivanka Trump · Real Estate Executive, Parent

I wait to eat until Arabella and Joseph are up, and breakfast is always one of two options.

On weekdays, with the exception of special occasions, I try to keep things simple. I read once about a phenomenon called “decision fatigue” — essentially, we each have a finite supply of mental energy each day and seemingly mundane, ordinary decisions tap into that reserve. To avoid making a big decision out of breakfast, I always give the kids one of two choices: either Greek yogurt and berries or “fancy oatmeal.” If they choose oatmeal, I get out all sorts of toppings — chia seeds, berries, flaxseed, goji berries, cinnamon, walnuts, and almonds — and the kids get to “decorate” their oatmeal.

Olimpia Zagnoli · Italian Illustrator

Sometimes I have breakfast at a bar with a cappuccino and croissant, sometimes I just have a tea at home. When I have enough time and a full fridge I would put together some yogurt with blueberries, oats, and agave syrup.

Melody Wilding · Licensed Therapist, Expert in Workplace Psychology

Within the first thirty minutes of waking up I consume protein and plenty of water to prepare me for my workout.

This past year I overhauled my diet, and my first order of business was cutting out sugar in the morning. I replaced my breakfast of fruit and yogurt with a clean, probiotic morning meal of eggs, greens, and raw sauerkraut. I’ve never felt better.

Karina Bania · Artist, Mother

I usually eat after getting the kids to school when the house is quiet and all mine. I typically have a bowl of broth with egg, avocado toast with sea salt, or a fresh made green juice.

Fanny Moizant · Co-Founder of Vestiaire Collective

Usually it’s one hour after waking up. I have a new routine that suits me very well; I eat a bowl of gluten/sugar free muesli with almond milk and drink a jasmine green tea, as well as some fresh orange juice.

This fuels me until about 1 or 2:00pm. The key is avoiding sugar in the morning if you don’t want to crash around 11:00am. I generally try to keep the sugar in my blood at the same level as much as possible.

Belle Beth Cooper · Writer and Co-Founder of Exist

Around 1-1.5 hours. Depending on the day I’ll either have a quick snack so I can start work or take my time and eat a real meal.

I go through phases for breakfast foods where I’ll eat the same thing every day for a couple of weeks, and then switch. At the moment it’s just cereal. Sometimes it’s fruit and yoghurt, sometimes I go all out and cook omelettes or french toast every morning.

Elle Luna · Artist, Designer, Writer

There’s something about being a little bit hungry in the morning that energizes me. Maybe it’s a metaphor?! But I don’t eat a full meal until 1 or 2:00pm. And when I do, it’s breakfast! I love breakfast!

You know that game where they ask what your last meal on earth would be? Mine would be scrambled eggs and pancakes just like I used to eat as a kid on the weekends. There is this magical little diner that serves breakfast until late in the afternoon, so I go there. In David Lynch’s book Catching the Big Fish, he says that he goes to the same diner every day and orders a milkshake. I think that’s a really nice idea, to go and sit at the same place every day and have a special treat. For some reason, I imagine he has a lot of good ideas at that diner…

Grace Bonney · Founder of Design*Sponge

I wake up starving every day, no matter what I ate the night before. I’m trying to give up coffee and sugar right now (the former was mandated by my doctor and the latter by my upcoming dental bills) so I try to start the day with water or herbal tea.

Julia and I switch off between making breakfast, which is typically eggs and some sort of protein. My favorite mornings are when Julia (who is a professional cookbook writer) makes her famous kimchi/egg/toast breakfast combo. I love anything super savory in the morning.

I also take a slew of medication in the morning, which I don’t love. I have horrible sinuses and really bad reflux, so I take medication for both, as well as vitamins and usually some sort of allergy medication. Julia is majorly healthy and is always offering to make me green juices so I should really start taking her up on it.

Amber Rae · Writer, Artist

I drink green juice on an empty stomach (for optimal absorption of nutrients) within 75 minutes of waking up. I then make a smoothie within 30 minutes of that. I’ve been sipping smoothies almost every morning now for a year and I look forward to the mega boost of energy every morning.

Mason Currey · Author of Daily Rituals

I grab a yogurt from the fridge on my way into the office. Sometimes I forget, and then I don’t eat anything until lunch. I know that skipping breakfast is supposed to be bad for you, but I feel like I actually work better on an empty stomach.

Ben Brooks · Tech Writer, iOS Project Manager

I usually eat about an hour, to an hour and a half after I wake up. I’ve never been a breakfast person, but my kids won’t eat unless I eat with them, so that’s what started me on breakfast. Even so, I don’t eat much. Usually a toaster waffle, or a piece of toast is all I will eat in the mornings.

Eli Trier · Illustrator, Writer

I’m very bad at eating breakfast – I don’t usually think about food until around lunchtime, and then I’ll have breakfast. I usually have cereal and fruit or toast.

Chris Baker · Golf Player, Podcast Host

The first thing I do every morning is go downstairs into the kitchen and consume Bio Trust protein. I have tested my body like a lab rat, and this is in a different league to any other product on the market. It is very expensive for what you get, but it is of the highest quality, and the taste is pretty good too! Just don’t subscribe to their newsletters unless you want machines guns’ worth of email ammunition unloaded on you.

I don’t eat breakfast until I come back from the gym at around 9:00am. It usually consists of a four egg omelette with steak or chicken, and an avocado.

Brian Wong · Founder, CEO Kiip

I don’t normally eat breakfast. It’s a bad habit. If I’m starving when I wake up for some reason I’ll grab a croissant, or if I want to spoil myself I grab a breakfast sandwich from Starbucks.

Caroline Leon · Life Coach

I eat breakfast after I’ve meditated, walked the dogs, and done my yoga, which usually works out at around 6:30am. Typically I’ll have fruit with yoghurt and granola, and/or toast with peanut butter. On Sunday mornings we also indulge in pancakes (with banana and Nutella) as a weekly treat.

Nichole Powell · Photographer, Writer

As soon as I can get it! Breakfast is one of my favorite parts of the day, and if I don’t eat within an hour or so of getting up I tend to get cranky. My favorite breakfast here in Bali is a big bowl of granola, bananas, and cashew milk, with two eggs on the side, a cup (or three) of strong black coffee, a green or beet juice, and a fresh wheatgrass shot. If it sounds like a lot, it probably is - but I like to eat a lot early on, and then supplement with light meals throughout the day.

With that said, breakfast varies wildly depending on what country I’m in. Iceland was all spreads of meats and cheeses, with sides of creamy yogurt. A cafe au lait with a croissant was typical for Paris, and days in Morocco couldn’t begin without at least four kinds of bread, accompanied by a dizzying array of jams and spreads. Thailand was a shrimp & rice soup if I was in the north, or a fruit-muesli bowl from a roadside stall if I was in the south. When in Malaysia, I tried to start my day with Hokkien mee as often as I could - it’s delicious, and can be found on nearly every street corner.

My favorite breakfast I make at home is a fresh mint jalapeño green juice and an egg scramble with avocado, spinach, and chicken sausage. If it’s a really good day, my morning will also involve Philz Coffee, which is a San Francisco institution; get the Philharmonic blend and you’ll know what life is all about.

Ian Sarachan · Soccer Coach, U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team

Recently I’ve preferred having breakfast after my workout; I feel more energy on an empty stomach.

I’m a big cook and have perfected my favorite breakfast food; oatmeal. I always use almond milk from Whole Foods with Trader Joe’s quick cook steel oats. I’ll either put in fruit and nuts or sometimes just some almond butter and a scoop of jelly (jam).

I’ve recently been getting into making my own granola as well, which is always a solid choice.

Rae Dunn · Ceramic Artist

This is my downfall. I can go until 2:00pm without eating a single thing. I know this is really bad and I’m trying to resolve it, so when I do remember to have breakfast I’ll eat two soft-boiled eggs at around 10:00am.

Willem Vernooij · Writer, Student

Breakfast is one of the most important parts of my routine. My breakfast is where I get most of my energy. It’s not a very big breakfast, but it offers a lot of nutrition.

Breakfast consists the following:

  • 50 grams of oats,
  • 250 ml of milk (I prefer skimmed milk, but it’s up to you),
  • Sweetener (1 teaspoon),
  • 28 grams of Whey protein (I use the chocolate version - if you don’t have Whey you can use 1 tablespoon of cacao powder).

Andy Hayes · Tea Seller, Creative Web Producer

I try to eat within an hour or two of waking, since a cup of coffee can be rough on an empty stomach.

My typical go-to is greek yogurt (careful to avoid brands with unnecessary added sugars) with pumpkin seed granola and fresh fruit on top.

Ryan Holiday · Bestselling Author, Writer

It depends on if I go out or cook with my girlfriend.

When I lived in New York, we would go out and work together most mornings at a restaurant. Sometimes I do that when I am in Austin. But here I have chickens so usually we check the coop for eggs and cook something up. My office is right next to the kitchen so I am in and out of it anyway. I try to generally eat paleo/slow carb so it’s eggs, bacon, avocado usually.

Rodrigo Franco · Software Engineer, Coffee Connoisseur

Since I was so used to waking up late, I never got in the habit of having proper breakfast. I would just get up and have lunch. I’m still not hungry when I get up, but if coffee or tea counts as breakfast, it would be about an hour and a half after my rising time.

Mars Dorian · Online Illustrator, Indie Sci-Fi Author

I don’t eat breakfast.

I always feel stuffed when I wake up, plus eating makes me tired afterwards. I consume food only once or twice per day, usually around 5 to 9:00pm. I do something called mini-fasting, which means you don’t eat for up to twenty hours in a row every day. I’m thin by nature, so I only do this for maximizing my energy.

Jordan Bishop · Canadian Entrepreneur

I’ve been experimenting lately with when I eat breakfast. Right now I like to do at least 1-2 hours of writing or other creative work before breakfast; that way, by the time I eat, I’ve already created something. I also find I think differently on an empty stomach than when I’m full, which means when I hit a major creative wall, I can take a break by preparing breakfast instead of procrastinating.

My breakfast is the same every day. I have four eggs scrambled French-style (thanks Tim Ferriss and The 4-Hour Chef), about 100-150g of fried ground beef or a similar amount of frozen meatballs, a full banana, two cups of water, and one cup of vegetable juice.

All in all, it adds up to about 70g of protein and three servings of fruit/vegetables. I don’t eat grains or dairy, so this breakfast makes perfect sense for me and it powers me for the first 4-10 hours of the day (I often skip lunch if I’m really into my work). A lacklustre breakfast simply isn’t an option.

Paula Borowska · Author, Blogger, UX Designer

I don’t like to eat breakfast. I don’t eat a lot to begin with so I can go for hours without much food.

My first meal is usually about two, maybe three hours after waking up. However, pancakes are the best thing in the world and are good any time of the day.

Ani · Lives in New York City

I have breakfast about two and a half hours after waking up.

I make my smoothie the night before to save time in the morning. It consists of kale, spinach, a vegan protein powder, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, and some almond milk or water (depending on the intensity of my intended workout).

Michael Spinali · Parent, Fiction Writer

For breakfast the kids love their thick bacon slices and fruit–the ultimate contradiction–while we enjoy our “favourite” consisting of granola clusters, berries, nonfat plain yogurt, cinnamon, and honey.

Breakfast generally doesn’t happen before 8:00am. Not by design, I just don’t wake up hungry.

Abby Stewart · Teacher, Writer, Fun-Raiser

I have breakfast after I get physically ready for the day. Don’t be jealous ladies, but my manfriend can fry a mean egg, and he always uses bacon grease to do so. So, I start the day off with a large amount of protein and some fruit. I am a big believer in big breakfasts and breakfast specific food.

James Clear · Entrepreneur, Weightlifter, Writer

I don’t typically eat breakfast.

I love breakfast foods and I eat a lot of food (I’m an athlete and train pretty heavy in the gym, so I need a lot to recover), but I follow an intermittent fasting routine where I eat most of my food between 12:00pm and 8:00pm each day. I do it mostly because it makes my life simpler and I get to spend the morning (when my creative energy is highest) focusing on important work rather than cooking/eating/cleaning.

I’ve been following this pattern for over two years. Intermittent fasting is getting popular in certain niches now (bodybuilding, paleo, etc.), but I’m still skeptical of the actual health benefits many people cite. That said, I don’t believe it’s detrimental to your health either. It doesn’t make much difference if you eat 2,000 calories in a twelve-hour window like most people (7:00am to 7:00pm) or in an eight-hour window (12:00pm to 8:00pm). Your body can handle both with relative ease, assuming you’re eating well.

Bethany Dickey · Ambassador, Accounting Student

Breakfast is usually the first thing I do, and it really depends how much effort I feel like putting in.

Sometimes I’ll make bacon, some days I have cereal, but recently I’ve been experimenting with smoothies and anything involving chocolate peanut butter. I’m trying to eat healthier breakfasts, since there were a few days two weeks ago where I basically ate chocolate cake for breakfast. Not good.

Cat Noone · Web Designer, Entrepreneur

About an hour or so after; It’s usually cereal, because I absolutely love cereal. Though depending on my mood I may have toast with butter or nutella and, of course, a cup of tea.

Provi Hernandez · Early Riser, College Student

My breakfast routine varies from day to day.

I might wake up really hungry, choosing to eat a bowl of cereal (and sometimes toast) right away. Otherwise, I’ll eat about an hour after I get up.

Rochelle Livingstone · Marketing Manager, Yoga Instructor

I have my hot water and lemon soon after waking up and will then have a banana before yoga and/or a raw coconut smoothie I make myself when I return from yoga or my morning walk/swim.

The recipe for my raw coconut breakfast smoothie is as follows:

  • 2 raw eggs
  • 1 large tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 500ml of coconut water
  • A handful of frozen organic blueberries
  • 2 frozen strawberries
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • Grated raw ginger

Blitz it all in a blender for thirty seconds and you have a one-way ticket to breakfast smoothie heaven!

Betsy Ramser · Entrepreneur, Writer

I usually eat about thirty minutes after I wake up; smoothies are my absolute favorite! They are so filling, delicious, and packed full of nutrients! If I’m really in a hurry some dried fruit and nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans) are a good alternative.

Gabriel DiMartino · Recording Engineer, Classical Trumpet Teacher

Right away I have coffee, and usually something small while I make it (like a bagel or bowl of cereal). If I have time, I make an extravagantly large breakfast, though, sometimes with bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes, orange juice, grapefruit juice, fresh cut fruit, and really everything in the house.

I get to do that about once a week.

Gray Miller · Grandparent, Writer, Speaker

Usually breakfast happens about 45 minutes to an hour after waking up.

The most recent tweak to the routine is the fruit/toast breakfast, which was provided to me during a retreat near San Francisco. Given that I’m in Wisconsin, oatmeal is also a very nice warm and healthy meal. Every once in a while, when my partner doesn’t have to be at work at OMG-It’s-Early, she and I will have a “big breakfast” of pancakes, eggs, bacon, juice, the works.

Patrick Ward · Designer, Storyteller

I’m lousy at eating breakfast but I’ve been trying to get better. I never have much of an appetite until an hour or two after I wake up, when I’ll typically have a banana, some yogurt (Oikos Vanilla is the best!) and a couple of eggs with toast.

Beth Spencer · Web Designer, Coffee Addict

I have breakfast an hour after waking, and it’s always an English muffin with crunchy peanut butter and a banana, with coffee with unsweetened almond milk to drink. SO DAMN GOOD!

Justin Lisenby · Industrial Engineer, Yoga Enthusiast

I usually have about thirty minutes between waking up and having breakfast. Typically? I will have either a smoothie, egg sandwich, or piece of fruit with a protein bar. Sometimes, if I feel the need for some early morning inspiration, I’ll hit the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru for a chicken biscuit.

Candace Bryan · Editor,

I usually don’t eat until noon, and will then frequently have a bagel with tofu cream cheese, tomato, and jalapeños. Or on days when I’m not as hungry, a bran muffin.

Ruchika · Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Teacher

I have breakfast after an hour or so. I like to keep it healthy and holistic. Preferably I have bread, oats, cornflakes, or a simple apple, but sometimes I just go for a cup of tea.

Carrie Ford Hilliker · Designer, Brand Strategist

I am not a huge breakfast person. I shoot for tea before food.

I will usually eat something small for my morning, like a hard boiled egg or a handful of walnuts. If I’m feeling ambitious (and the blender’s not broken which is currently the case) I will have a berry-chia seed-brown rice protein powder smoothie.

Brett Martin · Entrepreneur, Sailor, Surfer

Before my morning workout I’ll usually have a banana. When I’m back and partially dressed, I put my iPhone in a cup, open up the Economist app and listen to the week in review on 1.5x speed while making yogurt with jam, fruit, and granola.

Ready for the day, I’m out the door around 9:00am. One of the luxuries of working with creative types is I have plenty of time to grab a coffee and still easily be the first person in the office by 9:30am.

Richard Wotton · Newly Qualified Media Studies Teacher

I have never been good at having breakfast, and certainly can never eat it at home in the morning. My system doesn’t agree with food that early, and I have memories of my mother forcing toast down me before school each day, which only made me feel sick.

I will often have a cup of tea, a piece of fruit, some mints, and cold water when I get into work, and then feel hungry at break when the day is more settled and I’ve completed my first duties and lessons.

Jonny Blair · Frequent Traveler

It changes depending on where I am.

I love fried breakfasts; eggs, bacon, toast, sausages etc. So if where I’m staying has that I’m always up for it. Other times I’ll have toast with jam or breakfast cereals, I love Weetabix.

I’ll almost always have a cup of tea with my breakfast, as well as an orange juice.

Caroline O’Shea · Flute Player, Vocalist in Traditional Irish Band

I eat as soon as possible after waking up.

I’ll have cereal and milk with fruit, or peanut butter toast, or a bagel and cream cheese. Stick-to-the-ribs type stuff. Lately, I’ve been on a brown sugar-cinnamon oatmeal kick, with milk and cut up apples. If I have time, I’ll make a breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese, and tomato.

Merja Willock · Artist, Wanderer

I don’t eat before I’m hungry, and I drink lots of liquids (lemon water, herbal teas, or a green juice) for the first couple of hours after waking up.

I have a couple of different breakfast favorites that I vary according to the seasons and how I feel. During the summertime I usually start my day with a big green smoothie, when it’s colder I love to add in quinoa porridge with cinnamon and blueberries.

Chia seed puddings are also a staple, and on weekends it’s a treat to have buckwheat pancakes with dandelion tea.

Niall Doherty · Vagabond, Travelling the World Without Flying

I actually have two breakfasts here in Hong Kong. I’m trying to cut back on food expenses in this pricey city so my meals aren’t ideal, but decent for the price.

First breakfast is a couple of hefty banana and peanut butter sandwiches, less than two hours after waking, right after my workout. Then I’ll have scrambled eggs, mixed veg, and sardines for my second breakfast at about 10:00am.

Pei Zhenah · Sketches, Works from Temples

I have the habit of practising lucid dreaming the night before, so when I wake up I usually lie in bed for a while to try to recall my dreams and jot them down or sketch them in my journals.

Emma Milligen · Animator, Art Geek, Vegan

It’s about twenty minutes after I’ve gotten out of bed before I begin to prepare breakfast for me and my boyfriend. This is my favourite part of the morning, as I find it meditative and a time I can be creative with food.

I make myself a big green smoothie to bring to work (if it hasn’t been made already), usually including an abundant portion of spinach, kale, or other green leafy. It’s almost always different, but other favourite ingredients include avocado, almond milk, coconut water, cucumber, frozen berries, banana, spirulina, cacao powder, maca and hemp hearts.

I do on occasion make double smoothie amounts for my boyfriend, but on days when it’s already made I usually make a big bowl of oats with plenty of fruit, nuts, dried fruit, cinnamon, coconut flakes, etc for him. It’s whatever I’m feeling like, and thankfully, he’s just happy I’ve made him breakfast!

Jared Taylor · Entrepreneur, Triathlete, Foodie

I usually have breakfast about an hour after waking up (always after my workout). For a while I exclusively had two fried eggs, a sprouted wheat bagel, half an avocado, and a small mixed greens salad. Lately I’ve gotten into making my own granola, which I have with nonfat unsweetened Greek yogurt, a banana, apple and blueberries. I alternate between the yogurt and eggs.

María Ortega García · Spanish Tutor, Frequent Traveler

The time it takes to go from the bed to the kitchen, and the coffee to brew.

I like to have breakfast with my coffee. Not much food though, a slice of toast with olive oil or a couple of digestive biscuits keeps me happy and going until lunch.

Mark Kennedy · Parent, Former Kinesiologist

Breakfast happens about twenty minutes after I get up. My wife and I purchased a powerful blender a couple of months ago and green smoothies are the breakfast of choice these days.

My favorite morning smoothie contains frozen mango, ice, banana, spinach, walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, and almond milk. It’s delicious and keeps me going until lunch.

Julian Summerhayes · Parent, Speaker, Former Lawyer

As regards breakfast, I’m pretty metronomic, meaning I haven’t deviated from the same pattern over the last ten years.

I eat cereal of one type or another. Right now, I’m going through a phase of trying a multitude of granolas. Some are better than others but mostly they’re a concoction of nuts, wheat and oats. About nine months ago I changed my diet and became vegan. It wasn’t a big ask largely because I had practically stopped eating meat, fish and dairy products. So, right now, I use soya or almond milk for the cereal. It’s actually a nice compliment, and I don’t miss the milk.

Lauren McCabe · Writer, Mermaid

If I run or exercise in the mornings, I eat afterwards once I get to work. I’m usually ravenous; I’ll down a few servings of yogurt and granola.

On the mornings I write I eat very little; an egg, a small bowl of cereal. My appetite in the morning corresponds directly to how physically active I am.

Krista Goral · IT Consultant, Writer

I don’t really do breakfast until about 8-9:00am — my reason being I like to graze every few hours, so when I start my meals early in the morning, I consume way too much food by the time dinner rolls around.

I may do a protein shake (just powder and water shaken at work), or some fruit.

Paul Farmiga · Marketer, CrossFit Enthusiast

Within twenty minutes of being awake I eat something.

Usually there are hard-boiled eggs in the fridge for protein, a banana with some almond butter for some slow/fast-burning energy, and a splash of coffee into a protein shake with coconut water mixed in before I head out to the gym.

On rest days, I eat a healthy omelet with some Ezekiel bread and a black cup of coffee with coconut oil mixed into it. Don’t scrunch your eyebrows, it’s delicious.

Jana Schuberth · Coach, World Champion Dragonboat Racer

I have breakfast straight after working out.

It’s usually super delicious ultra organic eggs produced by our own chickens and ducks (who roam entirely freely around the farm), which I make on the Aga in our old farmhouse, often with some local butcher’s bacon on the side.

I try to have high protein breakfasts in line with my nutritional plans, but I also like a healthy porridge or Greek yoghurt with berries, almond milk, chia seeds, maca, goji berries, flaxseeds, and protein powder.

Richard Boehmcke · Writer, Stage Director

I usually eat breakfast first thing in the morning, before brushing my teeth.

I love having a couple of Kashi waffles with natural peanut butter and honey or a smoothie, usually back to back. If I’m making a smoothie in the morning its usually one packed with fruit, nuts, some spices, and some spinach or kale. I try not to eat super dense heavy stuff so I don’t feel sluggish, rather stuff that is substantive enough to get me to noon.

Tenikca Gainey · Vegetarian Naturalista, Writer

I normally have breakfast around 9:00am when I get to work. I switch up between oatmeal, yogurt, fruit or a baked good such as a whole wheat muffin. I occasionally have tea or coffee and will sometimes treat myself to Starbucks if I complete my chores or workout early enough.

Sarah Kathleen Peck · Writer, Designer, Long-Distance Swimmer

I have a hard time digesting bread products in the morning—cereal has never done it for me. I like to eat something with a lot of fat or protein in it. My favorite breakfast is avocado, kale, and eggs. I feel like Popeye and his spinach when I get my superman breakfast.

If I’m running late – or off to a morning workout – I have a stack of Luna Protein bars, which are wheat-free, low sugar and have some good protein in them. I basically look for foods that burn slowly so they keep me satiated for longer. I can’t go to work and be hungry within an hour – I won’t get enough done.

Matt Cheuvront · Marathon Runner, Entrepreneur, Writer

I’m awake for a couple hours before I do the coffee/breakfast thing.

We grind our own coffee every morning, and usually start the day with eggs and toast, or a fruit smoothie. That being said, I’m a big breakfast fan and grab coffee at one of Nashville’s bajillion neighbourhood coffee shops more often that I’ll admit here.

Paul Jarvis · Website Designer, Author

I don’t eat breakfast for 1-3 hours after I wake up. It depends when I get hungry. And when I do, I have either a kale, banana, almond milk smoothie or homemade, raw and sprouted granola with almond milk (I really like my nut milk, eh).

Nicole Antoinette · Distance Runner, Vintage Dress Hoarder

I start the day with peppermint tea, or sometimes warm water with lemon, and then about an hour later I make a green smoothie. On Sundays, which are my long run days, I’ll have oatmeal with chia seeds and half a banana, but other than that it’s green smoothies every other day of the week :)

Sam Spurlin · Writer, Ph.D Student

Coffee immediately, food a couple hours later. When I lift weights I’ll come home and try to have a protein heavy breakfast (protein shake and usually some kind of vegetarian omelette). On days I don’t work out I’ll do something egg-based occasionally, or I’ll have oatmeal and some fruit (and occasionally yogurt or cottage cheese).

Colin Wright · Author, Entrepreneur, Full-Time Traveler

Something light, unless breakfast is a social event (in which case I get one of everything).

Oatmeal. Maybe peanut butter on toast.

I eat after working out, if I choose to do that immediately. Otherwise, I do it after checking the net for any fires that need putting out.

Theodora Sutcliffe · Parent, Nomad, Freelance Writer

We’re nomadic, so what I eat really depends on my mood. I’ll typically just have coffee in the mornings and then have a big brunch type meal once I’m sentient. Recently that’s been vegetarian thalis, porridge and Nepal style hash browns with eggs in Nepal, fry-ups after we got back from Everest Base Camp to the world of bacon, and more fry-ups when we were staying in a place in Beijing that offered them.

Quite often we’ll get enormous quantities of food to share and Zac will eat most of it — he’s heading into his teens and needs his calories — while I kind of graze on the leftovers. In the Himalayas, because we were walking every day, I did eat a proper breakfast — a bowl of porridge, normally.

Sarah Athanas · Marketing Creative, Documentary Filmmaker

Usually breakfast happens after meditation and before starting work. I change it up a lot but in the winter my favorite is oatmeal with toasted seeds and coconut, and in the summer I prefer a bowl of fruit with toasted seeds. I’m a big fan of adding seeds to my food. (I use sesame, flax, chia, and sunflower seeds.)

The important thing for me about breakfast is to eat slowly and mindfully, not while staring at the computer or reading emails! When the weather is nice I eat breakfast in my hammock.

Amit Sonawane · Reader, Writer, Devout Tea Drinker

For the last couple months, I have been experimenting with Intermittent Fasting. I also have been experimenting with high-fat, low-carb diet.

On waking up I make my Bulletproof Coffee and that’s all I have until 2:00pm. Then I only eat between the 2:00pm-8:30pm window. Nothing else.

Bulletproof Coffee involves brewing some delicious, wet-processed, single-origin (rain forests of Guatemala) coffee and then adding a ton of grass-fed, unsalted butter and blend. It’s not as gross as it sounds and tastes like the most creamy, delicious, cream coffee you’ve had.

I am a tea-lover and am only drinking coffee these days for the experiment’s sake. My girlfriend hates the thought of putting butter in the coffee, but I have convinced a few other people.

Will Peach · Writer, Frequent Traveler

After reading Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body I’ve tried eating within thirty minutes of waking up when possible. Sometimes this has been easy when there’s been good restaurants nearby (it’s been rare that I’ve stayed in places with kitchens the past few months), sometimes it’s taken a lot longer to break the fast.

I try to get plain omelettes if I can. I need to bulk up to Hulkian proportions and stop being a scrawny little bastard. Girls don’t like that.

Kashyapi · Meditation and Zen Teacher

I usually have a small fresh juice, a smoothie, cracker, a biscuit, or a little granola on a couple of spoons of soya yoghurt after, or before, I meditate. This keeps the rumbles at bay, and helps to wake me up a little, if I need it. My breakfast may be much later, around 9, or as late as 11:00am. It depends if I am practising yoga.

I try and go for variety with my breakfast, and as an eternal nomad, I tend not to have fixed foods in my diet, instead going for local seasonal produce; but I have some favourites. Top of the list is brown rice or millet (I’m mad for superfoods) and brown or green lentils, cooked together; sometimes, sprouted lentils or sprouted sunflower seeds with brown rice, and sometimes scrambled tofu (with turmeric) with brown rice.

Occasionally, I toast local bread, or freshly made sourdough bread, made with a combo of strong white and mixed seed flour. Usually served with avocado, olive oil, and olives. Occasionally, when I feel I need it, fresh fruit (kiwi, mango, melon) with a little soya yoghurt.

Once in a blue moon, I might treat myself to a vegan sausage in home made bread sandwich, or chillied red peppers and tomatoes (a great kickstart, with a bit of orange zest in it, no onions or garlic, I don’t eat them).

Ian Hicken · British Expat in Asturias, Spain

Breakfast happens about thirty minutes after checking on the cats, emptying the dishwasher, and a quick wander around the garden – weather permitting.

Breakfast is toast. We make our own bread and it toasts really well, adding on some butter and maybe some yeast extract. Freshly ground coffee is the drink of choice with a small amount of honey and to finish, fruit if I remember.

Shawn Mihalik · Author, Rock Climber

I actually practice Intermittent Fasting most days, so I often don’t have my first meal until after noon. I typically make an omelette and have a piece of fruit, but I also like to go to Chipotle for a steak fajita bowl.

Andrew · Early Riser, Australian Francophile

I try and eat breakfast within the hour of waking up. I go with the theory that it’s to break the fast of sleeping. Eat as much as you can in the mornings and fill the tank up while you’re empty, then go hard all day and use up your fuel.

I’ll eat a small dinner if I’m hungry. For breakfast, for the past three months I’ve had: spinach, sauerkraut, two eggs, avocado & beans. I can’t really get on with my day if I don’t eat that.

Manuel Loigeret · French Developer and Yogi

I have my breakfast right after my morning meditation. I usually have tea, a smoothie, one hard-boiled egg and a little bowl of cereal. I’m trying to reduce the amount of cereal, just because I have a tendency to eat a lot of them just because they taste good.