What and when is your first drink in the morning?

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Kate Nafisi · Designer, Finisher

As soon as I am downstairs I drink a glass of filtered water with half a lemon to hydrate.

Then I heat my almond milk for my matcha tea ritual.

Wilf Richards · Coop Co-Founder

Water, as soon as I wake up, then decaf coffee after breakfast. I have always had a touchy relationship with caffeine as I have a history of a type of migraine called cluster headache, and one of the triggers and cures for those severe pain episodes is caffeine, so I keep my intake of it to a minimum.

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Josh Gross · Founding Partner at Planetary

Coffee. Coffee? Coffee! Usually about twenty minutes after I wake up. If I’m making it myself, a dark roast with a small bit of half-and-half—I don’t purchase any particular brand, just whatever looks good, though I’m a fan of anything from Brooklyn Roasting Company. Otherwise, I typically go for a cappuccino or latte when at a coffee shop.

Paul Murphy · Third Grade Teacher

I take one of those insulated tumblers that everyone ripped off of Yeti to school and fill it up. We’ve got this ice machine in the office that is supposed to be used to fill baggies for all the kids who claim to be injured, but everyone just uses it for their water. Then I fill the tumbler in the One Good Drinking Fountain that all schools have; ours is by the gym, and it has one of those bottle filler spouts and a little display that tells you how many evil plastic bottles you just saved the Earth from. So that makes me feel like I’m doing my part, I guess. We also have a water cooler (which makes me wonder if there’s something toxic in the water the kids have to drink), but I don’t use that because we’re supposed to chip in ten bucks to use that water, and I’m too cheap and also not a big enough water snob to participate.

So, to answer the question, water at about 8:15am.

Denise Lee · Founder of Alala

I chug a glass of water as soon as I step out of the bedroom to rehydrate—nothing too complicated. I was recently on a celery juice kick but stopped because I didn’t really feel like it did much for me.

Sarah Morgan · Digital Strategist

I guzzle some water at my 6:30am puppy wake-up and then make green tea with lemon to go along with breakfast. My body doesn’t need much caffeine to get going; it needs food.

Sam Crawford · Blogger, The Man Blueprint

Water. I find people who don’t hydrate first thing in the morning very strange. Are you not thirsty? When I don’t have a pint of water first thing, my breath feels like it could knock an elephant out and I feel so lethargic.

Jean Chatzky · Financial Editor, The Today Show

Coffee fifteen minutes after I wake up. Coffee again an hour later. Sometimes a third cup, reheated, later in the morning. My husband and I make half-caf because too much of the full-strength stuff makes me shaky.

Robert Greene · Author

Before the stroke I would drink a glass of water when I woke up, and now I take certain vitamins before I meditate, so water is still my first drink. Black tea is the first fun drink.

Dempsey Marks · Personal Trainer

I sleep with my one-and-a-half-liter Hydro Flask next to my bed, so drinking water is practically the first thing I do in the morning. I always start my day with room temperature water because it is easy on my digestive system. I follow that with coffee.

Dr. Anthony Youn · Plastic Surgeon

I don’t drink coffee regularly. My first drink in the morning is either a green smoothie (if I have the chance to make one) or water.

Occasionally on the weekends I drink decaf coffee, and sometimes Bulletproof decaf coffee, but I’ve found that even drinking small amounts of caffeine for a couple days in a row can give me headaches. The fewer chemicals in your body the better!

Jake Knapp · Productivity Author

Water, right away. I don’t know how anybody wakes up and doesn’t drink a big glass of water—I just feel gross until I do. But maybe it’s because I snore or am a mouth-breather or something; I don’t know.

Krista Suh · Activist, Screenwriter

Water, then hot water, sometimes with lemon. I have a very Asian-American cliché hot water dispenser that is always on. I don’t drink any caffeine. My mom is hooked on coffee, and I remember saying to myself as a kid, “that will never be me,” and it’s come true! I love the smell of coffee but I don’t drink it anywhere near on the daily. I might have an espresso after a super fancy meal once every two years.

I had a friend once who was constantly either drinking espresso or smoking pot, and it occurred to me that if he quit both maybe he’d be perfectly calibrated without having to up his mood with caffeine or lower his anxiety with pot. Anyway, food for thought.

Of course, according to all those finance articles you read online, I’m a gazillionaire because I don’t buy a daily cup of coffee!

Kim Leutwyler · Painter

Coffee. I’m obsessed with Allpress Espresso! It’s a small company that started out as a single coffee cart in New Zealand and now has locations around the world. They use hot air roasting so that the unique character of the beans can shine through, replacing the smoky burnt taste that traditional drum roasting causes. My wife used to work at Allpress as a roaster, so we have a personal connection to the coffee as well. They have a great track record of supporting artists, myself included!

Julien Smith · CEO of Breather, Author

My first drink in the morning is a really fresh cup of coffee made from fresh grounds, right there with a Chemex, which is a kind of hipster coffee machine that works for me. It keeps the coffee super fresh and clean, and I always make an effort to make sure I’m using some of the best coffee I can get.

Eliza Blank · Founder, CEO of The Sill

New York City apartments are so dry. I drink at least two full glasses of water in the morning with breakfast. I’m not great at drinking water throughout the day (I love coffee), so I try to drink my water in the morning at least.

Melanie Deziel · Branded-Content Strategist

Historically it’s always been coffee. And a lot of it. And as soon as possible. But for the last six months, I’ve been cutting back my coffee consumption and switching all but the first cup to decaf to try to rein that in. (This is especially challenging on the road; conference venues often provide a never-ending supply of coffee, and not much else.)

My fiancé will often make me a cup of decaf coffee in our Keurig with breakfast, but we also drink a ton of water in our house starting right after we wake up; we always add flavor with MiO. Which I drink first really just depends on which order they’re ready or which cup is within reach.

Bob Guest · Entrepreneur, Bike Rider

I always have a cup of cold water when I first go into the bathroom in the morning. I try to have a couple more cups of water before drinking the espresso when I get downstairs.

Jing Wei · Illustrator

I have my first drink a little while before breakfast, and it’s usually hot lemon water or tea. In the colder months, I drink tea like crazy. English is my favorite, with a bit of milk and honey.

Leigh Martinuzzi · Blogger, Podcaster

I drink 500 milliliters (16,91 fl oz) of water as soon as I stand up. I believe it hydrates the body and gets the digestion working. I then usually drink a few cups of tea (green or black) while I do my creative work.

Lindsay Champion · YA Author

I typically drink two glasses of water before I get started on the black tea. (The only time I ever drink coffee is right after lunch, when I start to feel an afternoon slump.)

Joshua Spodek · Author, Adjunct Professor

Maybe some water when I finish brushing my teeth. It’s not part of my routine. I drink when I’m thirsty, almost exclusively water, and never bottled.

I haven’t had coffee or tea in years. In my entire life, I’ve only had a few cups’ worth of each.

Jason Vo · Publisher

Sixteen ounces of water, right after I roll out of bed. I try to drink a gallon of water every day, so it’s important I get a head start with at least sixteen ounces immediately.

Samir Becic · Fitness Expert

Immediately upon waking, I drink a big glass of water to hydrate my body and decrease muscle tension due to overnight dehydration. I continue with another two big glasses of water while I work out, to which I sometimes add lemon or lime. The lemon and lime keep me from getting bored with plain water. The vitamin C in citrus fruits is a great immune booster, and helps reduce inflammation during my workout.

Carolyn Feinstein · CMO, Dropbox

I drink hot water with lemon juice first thing in the morning, as well as a tablespoon of something called Fire Cider. It’s a super spicy cider vinegar that I’ve grown to love that’s supposed to combat inflammation in the body and help boost immunity. I give it as a gift to everyone.

Drew Logan · Fitness Expert, Trainer

Water, in the first five minutes upon waking up. Our bodies are respiring all night long and losing water as we breathe deeply while we’re asleep; and since our bodies are 70 percent water it only makes sense that your organs and muscles need to replenish that water first thing in the morning.

Melanie Travis · CEO, Andie Swim

My first drink is a cup of coffee with a splash of two percent milk. That’s also my only drink until several hours later, when I arrive at the office and make myself drink a glass of water.

Todd Davis · Executive Vice President, FranklinCovey

Other than a quick swig of water to wash down my daily vitamin, as I shamefully admitted a minute ago, it’s a Diet Coke from McDonald’s. Even as I type this I realize I’ve got to stop that. Now, to be fair, when I’m training for a marathon I don’t have the Diet Coke until later in the day and instead start the morning off with water… lots of water.

Gail Saltz · Psychiatrist, Author

My first morning drink is inevitably coffee, which I love. I realize that I need to work hard to make my second beverage water and that I always need to drink more water than I feel like drinking. I am never really thirsty, so drinking water is something I try to remember to do during the day because I need it, not because I want it.

I usually have one cup of coffee in the morning unless I am having a more leisurely morning or had a less restful night, and then it might be two!

Rick Popowitz · Serial Health Entrepreneur

Water, but not just any old water. I drink a glass of room-temperature water that has organic lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper added the night before.

As someone who has been a serial health entrepreneur for the past twenty-two years, I know something about nighttime dehydration, changes in pH levels, and turbo-charging digestion. I also helped research, write, and promote a book twenty-three years ago called Your Body’s Many Cries for Water. I started this part of my routine before it was ever popularized and have followed it for twenty-two years.

James P. Owen · Forty-Year Wall Street Veteran

I drink a liter of water first thing, although I don’t chug it; I sip it slowly. I’m a big believer in staying hydrated, which I’m convinced flushes out toxins and helps keep your systems working the way they should.

Hitha Palepu · Writer, Entrepreneur

Water, and a lot of it! I follow it up with black tea with lemon and honey (that my husband makes for me) and then a latte from our Nespresso machine.

Ravi Raman · Executive Career Coach

For a while I cut out caffeine, so I was drinking herbal tea or herbal chai. Now, however, I enjoy a cup of coffee (or two!). I make the espresso from scratch, grinding and brewing the coffee using a ratio of one-third caffeinated to two-thirds decaffeinated beans. I drink my coffee black.

Simon Enever · Co-Founder of Quip

My first drink in the morning is coffee. I must have coffee straight away, or else. I often have a banana or vanilla flavored “protein” smoothie/shake from a store on the way into the office.

Mick Batyske · DJ, Parent

The aforementioned hot water and lemon. Then an espresso. Then, when I get to my desk, usually tons of water, both flat (I really love Core Water) and sparkling (LaCroix). I also drink way too much Diet Coke, sadly.

Zane Bevan · Creative Director at Robinhood

Coffee. I usually keep it simple and just get a cup of drip coffee on my way into the office. While a pour over is always nice, in the morning I just need something to get me going. My second drink of the day is usually coffee, too.

Erika Serow · President and US CEO, Sweaty Betty

Room temperature water. Always water. Nothing else. I’m pretty evangelical when it comes to my belief that the best secrets to health, happiness, and young-looking skin are lots of water and eight hours of sleep.

Nick Onken · Photographer, Podcast Host

I drink water when I first get up. I usually wake up pretty dehydrated, especially if I drink the night before. Drinking water is super healthy, so I like to make a habit of it.

Mauricio F. Corridan · Photographer

My first drink is water with a little bit of lemon and honey. It tastes great and it helps cleanse your body. I have been drinking it for over six months.

Liesl Gibson · Pattern Designer

This question made me laugh! So many possible answers… I strictly have water or, occasionally, mint tea if I’m really cold. I love the taste of coffee, but caffeine and I aren’t on friendly terms because it makes me shaky and really hungry. I guess I’m naturally caffeinated.

I try to remember to drink a lot of water right away when I wake up and throughout the day, but that’s about it. I don’t drink much of anything besides water, even at night.

Steph Davis · Free Soloist, Wingsuit BASE Jumper

I’ve been drinking a cup of Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid tea first thing in the morning for about ten years now, and I always run with one and a half liters of water in my hydration pack so that I can drink water during the run and get very hydrated first thing.

While hiking for a BASE jump, I carry a two-liter hydration bladder in my bag. I’m very serious about hydration since I’m active and live in the desert; I usually try to drink over a gallon a day, ideally about a gallon and a half.

Laura Roeder · Founder of Edgar

I love coffee but get chronic headaches when I drink it, and decaf just makes me crave regular coffee. I find that I actually get great energy from a green smoothie, so I’m no longer drinking coffee or tea in the morning.

Sarah Doody · UX Designer, Product Strategist

Lemon water, and then tea or coffee. But if I’m doing a longer run (maybe more than twelve miles), I’ll mix a special drink that aids performance for endurance athletes by helping to sustain your blood sugar and use fat (rather than sugar) for fuel.

Gracy Obuchowicz · Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader

I’m a devoted warm-water drinker. I have a big glass every morning, as hot as I can handle. I used to add lemon, but I find I prefer it plain. It gives a good flush to my system and helps me poop.

As a self-care coach, I feel it’s my responsibility to let people know they can train their bodies to go to the bathroom by hydrating correctly. I’m jealous of people who go like clockwork upon waking because I’ve had to teach my body. Luckily, I’m pretty regular now. Truly, I believe it’s the best way to start your day.

Victoria Durnak · Artist, Sculptor

I have a few sips of water as soon as I wake up, but I find it hard to drink in the morning even though I am thirsty. I often plan to have water with lemon, then forget. Establishing new routines is hard, but I’ve come to realize that doing it for another person, like my son, is much easier.

Isabel De Los Rios · Certified Nutritionist

My first drink is my water and tea combo. I started putting lemon, celtic sea salt, and some trace minerals in my water after I heard about it on Shawn Stevenson’s podcast. He calls it an “inner bath.” I know I should drink the water first and then drink the tea, but I much more enjoy alternating between the two.

David Kadavy · Author

It depends on how thirsty I am. I may have something to drink first thing in the morning or after my writing session. Again, I feel my creative work is better if I don’t get too hydrated in the morning. I drink water almost exclusively.

Sonia Rao · Singer-Songwriter

I drink a glass of water and then a cup of chai. I drink two more cups of chai as the day goes on. Many more if I’m writing songs that day. If not, I switch to decaf tea and drink that instead.

Brian Balfour · Founder, CEO of Reforge

Water, water, water. The first thing I do when I get out of bed is go drink a couple glasses of water. I have my cup of coffee after I work out and right before I start working.

Sean Ogle · Entrepreneur, Writer

Water first at 6:00am(ish), immediately followed by a cup of coffee.

The latter of which isn’t a caffeine thing either. It could just as easily be decaf, it’s about the routine and the ritual which gets me ready to work.

Katelin Jabbari · Googler, Parent

During the week, it’s water at the gym. On the weekends, it’s usually a cup of decaf coffee with cream and splenda, though it could be midday or even early afternoon by the time I’m able to make it, depending on whether I get too caught up playing with my son.

Taylor Davidson · Entrepreneur, Photographer

I don’t usually have anything until I get back from my walk or run, and then it’s always coffee. Sometimes I try to make sure and have a glass of water first, but often coffee wins.

Craig Ballantyne · Author, Fitness Expert

I have a cup of water first, and then within thirty minutes of waking I have my “immunity” drink of vitamin C, glutamine, and a greens powder. It helps me avoid illness while traveling… although I did just recently suffer from my first cold in three years, so it’s not perfect.

After that I consume almost exclusively water for the rest of the day, although I have peppermint tea at breakfast, and a green tea prior to a workout.

Dustin Senos · Designer and Engineer

I read somewhere you’re supposed to drink a glass of water within eight minutes of waking up. I don’t know why it’s eight minutes, and I’m assuming it’s pseudoscience, but that habit stuck with me.

I always try to drink water in the morning. I don’t drink regular coffee (only tea and decaf coffee) so I don’t feel the need to consume caffeine to “wake up.”

Manoush Zomorodi · Host, Managing Editor of Note to Self

I try to drink a bunch of water then a cup of decaf tea before I get to coffee. Because I love coffee, but want to hydrate first. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it’s a complete fail and the coffee starts right away. It depends on how poorly I slept and how much time I have to linger.

David Moore · Designer

My first drink is Alpha Brain Instant followed by Earl Grey tea every morning. It never fails to help my mind slow down after the commuting, and it helps me begin to focus on the task at hand.

Jake Kahana · Artist, Creative Director

I’m a naturally energetic morning person. By the time I’m at the gym, I’m pretty much ready to go for the day without coffee (although around 3-4 o’clock I’ve been known to have a shot of espresso or a half cup of black coffee).

I’ll have a sip or two of water next to me when I write, but my first drink is actually a pre-workout drink for weightlifting. I know, I know, it contains some caffeine and other junk that keeps me focused and energized. I’m in denial and like to pretend it’s all natural, healthy stuff.

Morgan Jaldon · Marathon Runner

Water. I drink one full bottle of water right when I wake up. When I wake up, I usually feel dehydrated so I have to get my liquids in!

Rand Fishkin · Founder of Moz

I love coffee, but almost never get it first thing unless we’re staying at a fancy hotel that offers breakfast. It’s probably the milk in the cereal bowl most days :)

Johnny FD · Entrepreneur, Frequent Traveler

I have a giant glass of water with pink himalayan sea salt first thing in the morning. It’s helped me keep hydrated throughout the day, and has helped me get over the adrenal fatigue that I developed while trying Muay Thai full time.

Crystal Paine · Author, Speaker

I like to immediately drink a full glass of cold water when I wake up. This hydrates my body and has a major impact on my energy levels. After that, I make my morning coffee that I can enjoy during my alone time in the kitchen.

Carrie Melissa Jones · Writer, Community Builder

I make myself tea in the morning. I’ve spent my entire career drinking coffee, but it’s become more of an addiction for me than something I truly enjoy.

When I moved to Seattle, I started drinking all the cold brew I could get my hands on, and it really took its toll: headaches and serious rollercoasters of energy that become a heavy burden if I was trying to shift gears a lot during the day or handle any roadblocks. I feel this weird nostalgia towards coffee, and someone told me that’s how cigarette smokers often feel about cigarettes after they quit. So I make chai or English breakfast tea instead and I look at others longingly as they sip their lattes.

Ash Huang · Writer, Designer, Illustrator

I try to drink a green smoothie every morning and then make myself a pot of tea.

I don’t drink coffee anymore. It ruined my stomach and skin, and it reminds me of stressful, sleepless times in my past. Now when I do treat myself to coffee I jitter like a dashboard hula girl, so that’s typically only on weekends.

Nathan Kontny · CEO of Highrise, Parent

Coffee. Definitely coffee. I used to be much more into the process of making coffee: fancy beans, freshness, etc. But now, given the number of things in my day, I love my Keurig coffee maker. Pop in a pod and click a button.

The whole process of saving me steps to coffee is inspirational as a product designer. Whether you prefer the convenience of Keurig or the fidelity of the experience of grinding your own fresh beans, there’s a trade off there, which, as someone who makes products and services for a living, we should pay a lot of attention to. I highly recommend the book Trade-Off by Kevin Maney for more on this topic.

Mattan Griffel · CEO of One Month, Forbes’ 30 Under 30

Besides Soylent, which is my morning meal, I drink a full glass of water when I wake up. It’s easy to forget to drink enough water to stay hydrated, but I definitely feel much better when I do, so I make sure to drink a glass of water before going to bed and starting each day.

Grace Bonney · Founder of Design*Sponge

I used to have coffee every morning by 8:00am, but my doctor said “no more” after my most recent reflux flare up. So now I’m back on plain water. I miss coffee all the time.

Amber Rae · Writer, Artist

Within about fifteen minutes of waking, I drink warm water and lemon with either cayenne pepper or turmeric and a bit of raw, unfiltered, organic honey. It’s really hydrating and kickstarts the digestive process.

Ben Brooks · Tech Writer, iOS Project Manager

I typically take some allergy medicine with water first thing, and will finish maybe a half a glass of water. And then I kickstart the day with a Pepsi — yeah, it’s bad for me, but it’s my habit for sure. No coffee or tea.

Chris Baker · Golf Player, Podcast Host

After I make the slow-carb protein shake, I make coffee, which is just beautiful. I could talk about the art of making coffee all day. I am very much an amateur but I enjoy it immensely.

I start by grinding the beans with your everyday grinder. After the coffee is brewed, I put it into a blender with a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of Brain Octane Oil. This is also known as Bulletproof Coffee which was introduced by Dave Asprey a couple years ago. It takes time getting used to, and after drinking it, you sort of feel like you are in a fighter pilot experience, but the difference is there is no crash like with normal coffee. You just keep going. Too much oil can leave you with… a fighter jet experience coming out the other end. So beware, less is more!

Shannon Lohr · Founder of Factory45

A room temperature glass of water off of my nightstand. It used to be coffee. Immediately. I still drink about half a cup of coffee a day, but it’s not until the afternoon when I need a little boost.

Oleksandr Kosovan · Founder, CEO of MacPaw

As I have a “food and drink” free morning, my first drink comes at the MacPaw office when I come to work. It can be a glass of water, a cup of coffee, or a mug of tea. I’m not addicted to any of them, but it’s always great to have a choice.

Dan · Parent, Founder

Always water, usually last nights half-empty glass from my bedside table. The best drink of the day is always my first coffee when I get into the office. I often wake up looking forward to it, though this is probably addiction rather than routine.

Kyle Legg · Web and Graphic Print Designer

I always go to bed with a huge glass of water (I’m talking about one of those Big Gulp-style cups you get at the pool in Vegas for drinks) on my nightstand. I wake up parched, so I guzzle every last drop when I wake up.

Mars Dorian · Online Illustrator, Indie Sci-Fi Author

After I finish working out, I drink a few cups of hot water filled with Kaiser-Natron, which is an alkaline powder good for teeth and body. It basically helps you balance the acids in your body, support circulation, and prevents plaque.

Nova Rella · Early Riser, Lone Wolf

This question sounds like you’re talking about alcohol… the only time I drink in the morning is when I’m camping, you know, when it’s socially acceptable! But usually I just have coffee, sometimes water.

Bethany Dickey · Ambassador, Accounting Student

I find my throat is always dry and scratchy when I wake up, so every morning since I was a little girl I’ve had a small glass of apple juice as soon as I’m in the kitchen. I don’t like or need coffee so I almost never have it, but I often accompany my breakfast with milk.

Cat Noone · Web Designer, Entrepreneur

Usually tea with breakfast.

I sometimes have juice, but there’s something about the routine of making tea followed by breakfast that I find relaxing. Probably because it’s become a habit, so it’s less work for my brain to process. Anything to save brain-energy after a 5:30am wake up!

Anna Lysakowska · Long-Term Traveler, Blogger

I always get either a coffee or a diet coke at the train station in Amsterdam. If I’m running late I get a coke, because in Holland you’re not allowed to take a paper cup of coffee on a tram.

Clare Herbert · Irish Freelance Writer

I try to start the day with plenty of water, though in the winter months, it’s harder to drink it cold. I keep a bottle of water on my desk all day, and aim to guzzle plenty of it to keep my head clear.

Betsy Ramser · Entrepreneur, Writer

I always try to start with at least one glass of water since most people are at least a little dehydrated when they wake up in the morning. This is usually within ten minutes of waking up and getting out of bed.

Soon after, I have a cup of coffee.

Merja Willock · Artist, Wanderer

As soon as I have done the oil pulling I have a big glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice, and some herbal tea, or a green juice.

Alicia Sully · Cinematographer, Documentary Photographer, Compact Editor

I often forget to drink, but sometimes I wake up thirsty and drink water immediately.

Someone will make coffee if we have it, otherwise we will find it, time allowing. I prefer coffee with milk that early, otherwise it’s acidic for my stomach. That said, I don’t need coffee in the morning.

Emma Milligen · Animator, Art Geek, Vegan

Lately, I’m sad to say, it has been a cup of decaf coffee. It is followed by water, but I’d like for it to be something a little more nourishing than coffee!

I’ve previously had green juice and lemon water with cayenne first thing, and it was wonderful. I think I should start implementing that in again. (I cut out caffeine due to headaches, but I still adore the taste of hot coffee in the morning… it’s just so engrained).

Julian Summerhayes · Parent, Speaker, Former Lawyer

I have become a big drinker of Japanese tea. My favourite is made by Clearspring and is called Mu which is a blend of sixteen herbs and is caffeine free. It’s quite expensive and so when it’s not about, I’ll drink Chinese green tea.

If I do have coffee it tends to be later in the day; and I would rather buy it and have something freshly made coffee than use instant. I have tried soya with the coffee but it’s just plain awful, so it’s always black.

Lauren McCabe · Writer, Mermaid

It is water first (I am a mermaid!) and then jasmine tea second. I love tea, everything about it, the art of brewing it, its steamy earthy smell, the subtle caffeine that opens my eyes.

Mornings are so languorous for me, a time of quiet and solitude, the only time all day that I won’t get disturbed. I sip my tea and listen to the sounds of New Orleans: fog horns on the Mississippi river, the strange meow of cats and sometimes even the neighbor’s banjo if they’ve had a particularly late night.

Paul Farmiga · Marketer, CrossFit Enthusiast

Protein shake (from grassfed, healthy/natural source) with coconut water.

If I’m eating twenty minutes after I wake up, I’m probably drinking that shake a few minutes after the food lands in my belly.

Jana Schuberth · Coach, World Champion Dragonboat Racer

Whilst I’m still in bed I’ll have a glass of water, then my first drink in the kitchen is hot water and lemon to set my day up with a bit of zest and to help clean out my liver and prepare my body for food.

I read the other day that starting your day with a caffeinated drink raises your cortisol levels to fight or flight mode first thing in the morning, with them staying unusually high thereafter; so best start with something like hot water and lemon, then breakfast, THEN a coffee.

Robyn Devine · Founder of Nebraska Hats for Hope

Coffee, black and large.

We have a Keurig machine, so I make a double dose once Owen and Zach have left for the day and take my time drinking it while the washing machine does its thing and I check news/media/blogs for the morning.

Colin Wright · Author, Entrepreneur, Full-Time Traveler

Water. Maybe some tea.

If I’m working on a project and regret having to sleep instead of working all the way through, some kind of energy drink does the trick. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, though I love the smell. I’d probably be hooked on it if I started.

Monica McCarthy · Actress, Producer, Frequent Traveler

I typically down a glass of New York’s finest tap water to cleanse the palate and wake up the system.

In warmer months this is often followed by green juice (kale, cucumber, apple, ginger, and carrots). In colder months, I make coffee with my French press. I like the process of boiling the water, grinding the beans, and pressing that nozzle thing down to strain the beans.

Theodora Sutcliffe · Parent, Nomad, Freelance Writer

Coffee. I’d like to say I value fine java, but to be honest a weak instant with fake milk (no sugar) is absolutely fine by me.

If I’m carrying coffee with me, or we’re in an apartment, it will be as soon as I wake up. Otherwise, I throw on some clothes and go out and find coffee.

Sarah Athanas · Marketing Creative, Documentary Filmmaker

I drink a mug of warm water with the juice of half a lemon every morning, usually before I meditate. I switched over to this beverage ritual just a few months ago and it feels really good. I still reach for my caffeinated favorites (coffee and mate) but not until after lunch.

Amit Sonawane · Reader, Writer, Devout Tea Drinker

Water, and then the Bulletproof Coffee. That’s the only time I drink coffee throughout the day. After that its all Yerba Mate (Tereré in summer) and tea; Pu’erh is my favorite tea to write to, Matcha is an early-morning favorite.

Will Peach · Writer, Frequent Traveler

Some days it’s tea, others water. Very rarely coffee. The time it goes down my gullet depends very much on where I am and whether I have access to mugs, safe drinking water, and decent tea bags (I refuse to drink that Lipton shit they always have in Asian hotels).

Ian Hicken · British Expat in Asturias, Spain

A drink of ice-cold water in the bathroom most mornings, but I crave coffee. Occasionally I get up in the early hours of the morning to work on something if I am inspired, and I make a coffee to keep me focussed.

Manuel Loigeret · French Developer and Yogi

Every morning I make a fresh smoothie with at least five fruits. I know it does not work like that but I always think of this ad saying that we need five fruits and vegetables every day. So I do that and I feel like, I already got 50% of the fruits and vegetables.