Do you also follow your morning routine on weekends, or do you change some steps?

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John Zeratsky · Author, Designer

No, I don’t really have a morning routine for weekends. I sleep a bit later, but that’s usually because I stay up later at night. I rarely work on the weekends, and I’m more likely to start my day with reading, working on projects around the apartment, or doing some outdoor activity (weather permitting). Lately I’ve started doing yoga on the weekends—a single class at 9:00am on either Saturday or Sunday.

Kate Nafisi · Designer, Finisher

Saturdays are the same as weekdays for us as business owners, because many of our customers have only the weekend to think about their bespoke projects and would like to come and visit us in our studio then.

On Sundays we can lie in until 10:00am or so before having lunch with our family or an afternoon tea. It’s so good to check in with family every week.

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Wilf Richards · Coop Co-Founder

I try to keep to the same routine on weekends, including my wake up time, meditation, and workout. There is a bit of flexibility as I might have more time for a workout, but equally I may have stayed up late the night before, and that ten hours in bed is really important to me.

Paul Murphy · Third Grade Teacher

My routine is completely different on the weekends. I probably get to bed at about the same time, but I sleep an extra hour or two if I can get away with it. I turn the alarm off the night before, so there’s no chance of interrupted sleep.

Once I’m up, I rarely shower until later. I usually head out to the living room and do something with the blog. Eventually, I might work out. I eat eggs and meat for brunch at about 11:00am. My wife and daughter also like their sleep, so lazy weekends are the norm unless we have responsibilities.

Denise Lee · Founder of Alala

Weekends are a precious time for me; I don’t schedule anything before 1:00pm, if I can help it. I let myself go to sleep whenever I want on Friday and Saturday nights and wake up whenever I want without an alarm. I’m a natural night owl, so I usually end up going to sleep at 2:00am and getting up at 10:00am. I much prefer to pack in my weeks with work, social commitments, and errands and leave the weekends unscheduled—free and easy to do whatever I want.

Amy Nelson · CEO of The Riveter

The thing I miss most about my pre-parenthood days is the ability to sleep in and join friends for long brunches on the weekends. These days we are up before 6:00am, given my kids’ sleep habits. The weekends are wonderful, though, in that we have time to spend together with no schedule. We tend to make real breakfasts on the weekends—pancakes, bacon, and more. We stay in our pajamas a lot longer. And we play in our backyard or in the kids’ playroom. We try not to schedule anything on Saturday mornings because we want to spend unstructured time together without any commitments. I know this will change as the girls get older and start playing sports, but for now we’re lucky to have this time.

Rick Smith · Founder and CEO, Axon

I do not follow this routine on the weekends. I usually sleep in until eight or nine in the morning, and then I have a couple of cups of coffee while sitting out on the deck with my wife and enjoying the view.

I try to unplug as much as possible on the weekends, focusing on being present in the moment and spending time with my loved ones. I specifically do not want to spend my weekends worrying about productivity. That’s what the weekdays are for!

Carly Stein · Founder of Beekeeper’s Naturals

Yes, I follow the same routine on the weekends. I find it hard to sleep in. My body craves routine. Of course, since I travel and change time zones on a monthly basis, I occasionally will sleep until 9:00am, but no later than that.

I actually can’t remember the last time I’ve slept later than 9:00! I’ve always envied those people who are able to sleep in until noon.

Shirley Meerson · Wellness Coach

I do follow my routine on weekends. My body and mind love the pattern and respond positively to it. Of course, sometimes I may sleep in on the weekend depending on various factors…

Hayley Leibson · Serial Entrepreneur

I change my routine on weekends. I try to sleep in until at least 7:00am, and I’ll then read for an hour or so before going to a yoga class. After yoga, I either go for a walk in San Francisco, or drive out of town for a day of hiking.

Sarah Morgan · Digital Strategist

My days start the same, thanks to the dog, but we usually go back to sleep after walking, so I can pretend I got to sleep in. Then we make a big breakfast at home or go out for brunch because San Diego has some seriously great restaurants.

Sam Crawford · Blogger, The Man Blueprint

I try to follow it as much as possible, but I cut myself a bit more slack. I also tend to sleep in until about 9:00am, as I don’t set an alarm.

I do have to be up and ready relatively early, as I play football (soccer) on Saturdays. The only day I fully get off to relax is Sunday. I still try to get out and about for my forty-five-minute walk, though.

Gideon Akande · Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Weekends are a time for me to recharge and disconnect. I try to sleep in, spend quality time with my girlfriend, check in with my family, and travel. This is all part of keeping myself balanced.

Mara Schiavocampo · Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

Weekends are a mess. I really wish I could keep this routine on weekends, but I generally stay up late on Fridays and Saturdays, which makes those early wake-up times impossible. Plus, my kids don’t have school on weekends, so they’re up and about and very demanding, which makes it hard to do what I have to do.

On weekends I generally sleep until someone starts throwing animal crackers at my head; then I wake up and take care of the kids for a few hours. I start throwing animal crackers at my husband’s head around 10:00am, and then he gets up so I can go to the gym. It’s chaos. We’re working on it.

Lauren Berger · Founder of Intern Queen

On the weekends I’m usually either jumping around to different plans with friends/family, running errands, or catching up on sleep. The one thing that stays the same is the hot coffee first thing.

I also try to get in at least one hike with a friend (that way we can catch up and exercise at the same time). I use the Anna Victoria Body Love app on my phone, which shows workouts you can do from home.

Sabrina Zohar · Co-Founder of Softwear

I love to sleep in on the weekends! My favorite thing is to avoid the alarm, wake up very leisurely, and go to a midday boxing or yoga class. Weekends are the only time I can shut down and try to get some relaxation in. When needed, I put a few hours of work in, but I try to avoid that when possible.

On special occasions I’m up early to babysit my four-year-old nephew, but when he’s not needing his Aunt Sa Sa, I am cuddled in bed pretending the world does not exist for just a few minutes!

Khajak Keledjian · Founder of Inscape

I’m not too strict with myself because all of this is what I want to do, not what I have to do. Thinking about it this way makes it part of my lifestyle and not a chore.

I started thinking about how certain cultures observe the Sabbath and take a day off, and so I started taking Sunday off. After a while, I realized that starting to wind down on Friday night and then resting on Saturday was a more precise flow because then on Sunday you gradually ease your way back into the week. So, I do not practice at all on Saturdays, nor do I wake up at 4:45am. Right now, my Sunday morning routine is yoga with my daughter Dalita.

Liz Fosslien · Illustrator

I never sleep in on weekends, but I’m a bit more chill about my gym routine. You get validated parking until 4:00pm on Saturdays and free parking all day Sunday, so I don’t need to rush out the door. Other than that, nothing really changes.

Tara Hanrahan · Corporate Spa Director

Weekends are a little different. On Saturdays I have personal training with a friend at 6:30am in Benjakiti Park, which is another lovely park in Bangkok. I really enjoy this because we do strength training. I come home from that, have a shower, and join friends for breakfast at a cafe somewhere. We aim to go somewhere new each week—Bangkok has so many gorgeous brunch places.

On Sundays I normally have a lie-in, but once a fortnight I try to be at Lumpini Park by 8:00am. That’s when the entire park stops for the National Anthem—it’s so amazing to see. It’s normally a hive of joggers and walkers and—suddenly at 8:00am—everyone stops, stands stock still, and listens to the national anthem over the loudspeakers. No one moves and it’s a poignant few minutes. And then, suddenly, everyone starts moving again. When I first experienced it years ago, I thought I was in a candid camera moment. I couldn’t understand why the entire world seemed to stop and stand like statues!

Jules Clancy · Cookbook Author

I’ve been getting up at the same time every single day to help with my sleep. It’s made a huge difference, although sometimes it’s a pain (like when I was up until 3:00am last Saturday).

I don’t work in my studio on weekends. And I don’t go for a walk on Sundays because my husband and I have a deal where he looks after the children on Saturdays while I work in a cafe. Then he sleeps in on Sundays.

Catherine Duc · Grammy-Nominated Composer

I’m usually awake around 6:30am but I try to sleep in a bit. I take more time over breakfast on weekends. I might make oat, buckwheat, and banana pancakes. I also read instead of checking my phone and listening to podcasts.

I’ll then compose music from 9:00am onwards, as there are no distractions in the morning, and I won’t use the internet until mid-morning. I used to mainly compose new age music (the genre I received a Grammy nomination for), but recently I changed to remixing songs in downtempo and EDM (electronic music production) styles. I have done remixes for The Corrs, XYLO, Paloma Rush, and British singer/songwriter Ben Hobbs. (This is my latest remix.)

For remixing, I listen to the original song and get separate tracks for vocals and as many of the instrumental parts as possible. We use Dropbox to transfer the files. I then repeatedly listen to the song and other songs in the style I want to do the remix in and take notes on paper before I actually use my music software. I then go through my software and sample library to find suitable sounds.

I do most of the composing and arranging in my head while I’m walking or traveling because I can hear most of the final arrangement. Then it’s a matter of working on the different sections mostly in order, although sometimes I get ideas for other sections or will get stuck on a certain section and need to revisit it later.

After the remixing is done, I send a Dropbox link of the MP3 to the artist and cross my fingers and hope for the best! If they’re happy, it’s onto mastering, which is either done by myself, the artist, or a professional. For the last remix we had Gene Grimaldi master it. (He’s been nominated for two Grammy’s for his work on Lady Gaga’s albums.)

Nicole Gibbons · Interior Designer

I sleep in on the weekend, usually until 9:00am. I never set an alarm, but I almost always wake at 9:00am on the dot when it’s the weekend! I don’t always meditate and I don’t always shower right away. Usually I wake up, brush my teeth, and then make a warm, robust breakfast. I give myself permission to be lazy on the weekend and relax around my apartment for a couple of hours before I shower and get dressed.

Sam Conniff Allende · Serial Entrepreneur

I haven’t had a lie-in for six years, except for one Father’s Day. My body clock tends to wake me up at 5:30am, so this is my one chance to meditate, reflect, and think on the week. But really, I’m just waiting for one of my daughters to wake up. From that point on, Saturday and Sunday mornings are for playing with them, reading books, baking cakes, or going wherever the mood takes us. We usually get in a few good hours whilst giving my wife a proper lie-in after the week.

Once everyone’s up, if we don’t have plans, it’s breakfast together and then, before the day kicks in, I like to go to the gym (when it’s not busy and I’ve had enough tea to face the bright people and bright lights).

Jeremy Anderberg · Editor and Podcast Producer

The time on the alarm clock changes from 5:00 to about 6:30am. Kids are up at about 7:00, and we’ve found that waking up with them, even when they’re happy, just starts things out a little on the crazy side. So we set the alarm for 6:30 and you guessed it… make some coffee and read a book.

Sabrina Hall · Multidisciplinary Designer

Weekends are completely different. I am such a late sleeper on the weekends—sometimes I do not wake up until 9:00 or 10:00am. I’m convinced that my body is always trying to play catch up.

Dempsey Marks · Personal Trainer

Generally speaking, I follow the same routine on weekends. I do like to sleep in a bit. Most weekend mornings, I’ll spend a lot longer in bed because my boyfriend and I don’t have to rush out to be some place. Sometimes I’ll work out later on the weekend or not at all.

Zara Terez Tisch · Co-Founder of Terez

It depends on the weekend activities! I always love sleeping in, but I get upset sometimes because I don’t want to miss a thing!

That said, we don’t really have any strict weekend rituals. Something that David loves to do is take our daughter Elle Jay to breakfast every single morning. It’s their time together. I will meet them at the end of their breakfast and then take Elle Jay to summer camp. She is in love with horses (naynays), so we always make sure to drive by the horse farms on the way to camp so she can say hello and wave to them.

Susan Lin · Lead Product Designer, Cloudflare

I join a tai chi group on Saturday mornings after my weekend routine. I met them while walking Mango Roll on her route. It’s one of my favorite new habits.

On Sundays, I find myself sleeping in until 9:00am. It’s a funny feeling to experience this shift as a notorious night owl. My new routine has shocked longtime friends. One of them joked, “Susan, you’re ready to become a design leader after all!”

Dr. Anthony Youn · Plastic Surgeon

My routine on weekends is completely different!

Typically, I sleep in until about 7:30am on weekends, when my kids jump onto the bed. Then I head to my study where I usually have a cup of decaf coffee or decaf tea and write. I’m always writing something—my latest book, blog posts, or pitches for television and radio segments. I also take the time on weekend mornings to plan out and write summaries for upcoming podcast episodes. On these mornings I enjoy hanging out in my sweats, doing things that aren’t patient related, and flexing that creative muscle in my head. I may also post some interesting stories on my Instagram account on weekend mornings, such as holistic health tips and comments on the latest news in cosmetic medicine.

Danette May · Health and Mindfulness Expert

I follow the same routine on the weekend, as well. I know this may seem crazy to some people. I won’t deny it—I really love my routine. It is something I look forward to every day.

There are some weekends when I may start my routine a little later, as I sometimes wake up between 6:30-7:00am. I try not to wake up too late on the weekend, as my youngest almost never sleeps past 6:45am, and I like to get my alone time in before she wakes up. When she wakes up, she is like a wind-up toy. She is ready to talk, have breakfast, and go, go, go!

Jamie Melzer · Fruit Jerky Entrepreneur

I think I mentioned already that I have a three year old, so unfortunately sleeping in on weekends is no longer an option for me, though I would if I could. I have the same coffee routine on the weekends, except instead of mushroom coffee we grind whole dark-roast beans and brew it in our Technivorm (obsessed). We like to source different kinds of beans and try them out. Then I go to SoulCycle (almost every Saturday and Sunday, year round), make lunch, and run around to local farms gathering food for the weekend. I spend the weekends with my family and typically work only during my daughter’s naptime.

Suzanne Gibbs Howard · Dean of IDEO U

Weekends are their own thing completely. Being social is central to my wellbeing, as is time outdoors. Weekends are all over the place, and I love that. They keep me creative. I relish getting up without an alarm when I can. Getting up to get outside is not a problem. But I also enjoy going out at night, socializing with friends, dancing, music, great meals, and parties. I will give up sleep for socializing and play.

Ashley Eckstein · Actress, Fangirl Trendsetter

I love to sleep in on the weekend! I keep my routine the same, but I love when I don’t have to set an alarm. I’m often traveling on weekends or going to events, but I love when I have a weekend off! My job is fast-paced, so when I get a weekend off, I really like to relax, be lazy, or cook for family. I actually find cooking to be really relaxing.

Krista Suh · Activist, Screenwriter

I’ve been a freelancer for a long time, meaning I often don’t know if it’s a weekday or a weekend, so my routine generally stays the same.

Ashley Turchin · Co-Founder of ANTHOM

I don’t have office hours on the weekends, so I’ll let myself sip coffee and lounge in bed until I’m ready to get up (typically that’s around 9:30 or 10:00am).

Once I’m up, I’ll work out for forty-five minutes then take a shower, and eat brunch. Then I will usually head out to run errands, assist at the store if needed, or go to the farmers’ market. I love cooking, and Sundays are my days for meal prep. I love to bake organic chicken and roast a lot of sweet potatoes for my weekday lunches.

Julien Smith · CEO of Breather, Author

I do sleep in, but even then I try to wake up at 8:00am or something. I feel like I’ve wasted my morning when I get up any later. I’m most productive in the morning, so if I can’t get my morning routine in then I feel like my whole day is kind of fucked up.

Otherwise, I mostly keep to it. I still write, meditate, and go to the gym one day on the weekend. Aside from that, I spend more time in the house reading or doing something like that.

Ainsley Earhardt · Co-Host of Fox & Friends

I try to sleep in and do not follow this routine on weekends. Keep in mind—anything is sleeping in for me. I usually get up around 3:00am, so if I sleep until 7:00am on the weekends, that’s sleeping in and it feels so good! The baby monitor is right next to my bed and I’ll wake up when Hayden wakes up. Lately, I’ve been going to the Carolinas on the weekends to visit my mother who is recovering from a stroke, so I’ve been spending a lot of time traveling with my daughter to see her.

Des Traynor · Co-Founder of Intercom

Saturdays, yes, but I add five-a-side soccer to the mix. Sundays, no; I sleep in on Sundays as late as I can and then start planning what I’ll eat at noon, which will hopefully be a fry-up or something brunch-y.

Mitch Joel · Founder of Six Pixels Group

My sleep schedule is pretty similar because of the young kids. The meditation tends to happen during their nap time. If our family goes to the park, I might walk on my own for twenty minutes to meditate. My writing schedule changes the most dramatically because the weekend is family time and is less about me being in the zone for work.

Ali Bonar · Co-Founder of Kween

Once the weekend rolls around, said boyfriend is now in the building so the routine changes a bit. I try so hard to sleep in on weekends, but since I’m up so early during the week I naturally wake up around 8:00am. I’ll either a) go to a workout class if I went to bed early or b) nurse my hung-over body and exist as a pathetic excuse for a human being.

Jacqueline Claudia · Founder, CEO of LoveTheWild

On the weekends, we usually hang out in bed until the little girls wake up. They always come in and snuggle with us for a while. Together we decide what we want for breakfast, and then the girls help me cook. Anything that involves cracking eggs is a big hit with them. Then my hubby makes coffee for us and “special coffee” (hot chocolate in espresso cups) for the kids. Workouts come later in the morning. For me it’s usually yoga again, but my hubby does weights with our older kids.

Aubrey Marcus · CEO of Onnit

I don’t do my morning routine just to be more productive at work, I want to live a better life. The weekends are no reason to skip the routine, since the routine gives me a better day, no matter what day it is. The only time I skip the routine is if for whatever reason I didn’t plan out the timing well enough before my first meeting.

Benjamin Hardy · Author, PhD candidate

I don’t work Sundays and I only work a few hours on Saturdays. These are family days. On Saturdays, when I work, I do it in the morning so that my routine can prime me for that work. But on Sundays, I am a full-time dad in the morning. This is my wife’s morning off to take a long shower and grab breakfast at her leisure. I make the kids German Pancakes, get them showered, and then we get ready for church.

Derik Mills · Founder, CEO of YogaGlo

Sunday is a rest day for exercise. On Sundays I tend to extend the length of meditation or yoga asana time. Sometimes my wife and I make a special breakfast.

Eliza Blank · Founder, CEO of The Sill

We sleep in and get up together on the weekend, but at this point sleeping in usually means 8:30am. I don’t think either of us could sleep past 9:00am. Weekends are great though because we really spend them doing everything together, whereas we’re always following our individual routines and schedules during the week. Weekend breakfasts are leisurely. I cook, and my husband makes a big pot of coffee. My best Saturday involves staying in my pajamas until 2:00pm.

Joel Gascoigne · Co-Founder and CEO of Buffer

I often sleep in on weekends and don’t follow the same routine in general. I do try to go to sleep at similar times to make it easier to stick to my to routine come Monday.

On the weekend I aim to have one day fully switched off from work and my laptop and one day where I do casual work that I’m drawn to or write a blog post. Some weekends, I set up a few thirty-minute back-to-back mentoring sessions to help founders with their startups.

Julie Zhuo · VP of Product Design, Facebook

I don’t do my workout on weekends because I sleep in a bit more. I typically don’t set the alarm until 8:00 or 8:30am because I like to make up my sleep debt that accumulates throughout the week.

We’re a bit looser on time than during the week. We spend more time in the kids’ room, reading them stories and playing with them. On weekends we often go out for brunch as a family. Weekends are very different—they feel special.

Vanessa Van Edwards · Behavioral Investigator

I have a totally different routine on the weekends. We usually sleep later because we are up later (until maybe 8:00am), and we get up and go right downstairs to make pancakes and watch Shark Tank.

Lily Percy · Executive Producer

I equate working out with the work week, so I rarely work out on weekends, and I do sleep in as much as possible, although the older I get the harder that seems to be as my body clock is set by my weekly routine.

I look forward to my weekends being a time where I don’t set an alarm. On weekends I eat breakfast and plan my day at my own pace, always with a cup of strong dark coffee in hand. Most weekend mornings I am rushing off to meet friends for breakfast or brunch in the Twin Cities, or occasionally cooking for them over at my place for breakfast/brunch. And if I’m not meeting anyone, I will make my favorite breakfast at home: poached eggs on arepas, with a side of veggies, avocado, and a bowl of berries. I will then read in my favorite red chair, next to the largest window of my apartment, where I can see the sun shine and watch as my neighborhood begins its day.

Lior Arussy · CEO of Strativity

Weekends are sanctuary for the family. In accordance with Jewish tradition, I do not work from sundown on Friday to Saturday evening. That is family time with prayers, Jewish learning, family meals, and time with friends. It’s my weekly time to recharge.

Brent Gleeson · Navy SEAL Veteran

I never sleep in on weekends. Studies show that the most successful people who achieve their goals usually maintain the same or similar routine on the weekends (with some exceptions while on vacation or holidays). The most fulfilling weekends for me are the ones where I accomplish projects while spending time with the family and having fun. But I also keep up with email and take care of a few work items so Monday is a smooth transition into the week. I work for about an hour on Saturday and 2-3 hours on Sunday.

Christy Wright · Founder of Business Boutique

We have little kids, so I feel like we may never sleep in again! It’s the same on the weekends except that we don’t get ready for work. We lounge around longer drinking coffee and watching cartoons with the boys.

Corbett Barr · Independent Entrepreneur

The first forty-five minutes of the routine are the same on weekends (wake up, walk, make tea). After that we tend to read for a couple of hours and then make breakfast together.

Grant Faulkner · Executive Director of NaNoWriMo

The weekend is a bit of a wild card because I like to cut loose a bit, to indulge in dinner and drinks with friends. I tend to linger in bed and meander in that beautiful dreamy state of early waking. Our lives are just so busy, so it’s good to sink into the sumptuousness of thoughts and just follow the drift.

Melanie Deziel · Branded-Content Strategist

On Saturdays we usually have breakfast out at a local diner or café as a little treat! But otherwise, I keep weekends pretty consistent with weekdays. I don’t really sleep in unless I happened to have had a very late flight home and need the extra sleep to hit my preferred seven hours. Even then, I’ll only give it an extra hour or so, and then kick everything off the same way.

I admittedly haven’t mastered the “beating jet lag” thing yet, but for me it’s easier to force myself to try to maintain a normal routine (even if it’s tiring) because otherwise it just takes far too long for me to adjust back to “home” time.

Bob Guest · Entrepreneur, Bike Rider

On the weekend, I still wake up early. I’ve become very close with my two friends whom I ride bikes with. Usually we choose one day during the weekend to go on another ride. We start a little later (around 8:00am) and have breakfast afterwards. It always depends on the weather and everyone’s schedules.

The thing I love about bike riding in general (unlike running, which I can’t do for a variety of reasons, namely my knees) is that you can ride and converse. When we ride bikes, we ride together and we talk. We tell each other about things going on in our lives, we give advice, we listen to each other. It’s a wonderful bonding experience, and I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to get out and connect with friends. It’s funny because after all these years, we’re never at a loss for things to say. There’s always something somebody’s seen, something that’s happened to someone, good things, bad things. It’s become so important to have this group of friends who know what’s going on in my life and for whom I know what’s going on in theirs. On the weekend we get to carry it into the luxury of having coffee and food, and then we can talk more leisurely and don’t rush it. Most of our families don’t get up early on the weekends, so we can usually sneak out and do all this before our kids/wives are awake.

Kara Goldin · Founder of Hint Inc

Yes, my routine stays pretty consistent on the weekends. I don’t sleep in because weekend time with my family is precious and I appreciate every moment. In addition to family time, weekends are also when I have a little more time to review less urgent things I didn’t get to during the week, so it’s just as important to manage my time well during the weekend as it is during the week.

Jing Wei · Illustrator

Weekends don’t feel that different, because I sometimes switch it up and treat a weekday like the weekend. On Saturdays, my partner and I usually go to the farmers market and make a late brunch. I actually tend to schedule most of my social plans on weekdays, because I like having weekends wide open. And I do love sleeping in. I always encourage my partner to go on extra long runs on weekend mornings!

Onicia Muller · Writer and Comedian

My brain is always on at 6:00am. On the weekends I force myself (the husband pins me to the mattress and takes my phone away) to keep sleeping until at least 7:30am. Weekends should be about family, fun, rest, and serving others.

Steven Heller · MFA Design Program Co-Chair, SVA

On weekends I try to sleep a little later. It doesn’t always work. When we go up to our house in the mountains on the weekends, we wake up early on Saturday to call for the car. It takes two and a half hours to drive there, and we usually stop for breakfast along the way. When we get there, I take a nap, and then it’s time to go back to the city again.

Leigh Martinuzzi · Blogger, Podcaster

I’d like to say that on Sundays I keep to my routine, but it’s probably fifty-fifty. I dedicate Sundays to switching off and connecting with friends and family. On Saturdays I am more consistent with my routine, but perhaps not as disciplined as I am during the week.

Lindsay Champion · YA Author

On the weekends, I follow a more relaxed version of my weekday morning routine, for sure. If it were up to me, I’d totally sleep until noon, but sadly I started getting something called “weekend migraines,” which is basically a blinding headache that’s brought on by a deviation in routine. Apparently it’s the release of stress in the body that causes them. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I usually wake up at around 7:00am on weekends. I’m not as rigid with the morning routine as I am during the week, but I try to devote major blocks of time to writing fiction, promoting my new book (answering emails, visiting bookstores, making graphics, updating my website, etc.), going to the gym, and doing yoga. It’s the only part of my week that isn’t packed with meetings and appointments, so I prefer to keep the late morning and early afternoon as flexible as possible, with built-in time to get brunch with my equally-busy fiancé, get a manicure, or run errands.

Hilary Matheson · Ultrarunner, Climber

The only thing that changes on the weekends is that I’m often up earlier to head out on a long run. I get up faster with no time spent in bed emailing, make coffee while I pack food, and then run out the door with a few pieces of buttered multigrain toast in hand. I don’t like to eat anything too heavy right before I run, but toast is my go-to. When I know I have a big day ahead of me, I upgrade to avocado toast to get some extra fat and fiber in.

I do my long runs on the weekends (and start early) purely so I can line them up with my training partners who work traditional weekday hours. We generally start early because the runs are so long and I like to finish with some time left in the day for eating and sleeping.

I enjoy the social element of spending time with friends while out on a 6-8-hour run, so when I can make that work with my schedule, I do. It’s not that I’m totally opposed to running in the morning on weekdays; it’s just that I prefer to drink coffee and ease into the day when I have a choice.

Jason Vo · Publisher

My alarm is still set for 6:30am on weekends, and most days I do still wake up at that time because it’s become so habitual. I occasionally sleep in, though, since I give myself less work on weekends and don’t feel bad about missing certain tasks.

Samir Becic · Fitness Expert

On weekends I usually try to sleep a little later, so I move the routine back an hour. Considering the professional demands I have with my work, I try to work about 30 percent less on weekends. On Sundays I work with Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church to educate the congregation on health and fitness.

Christina Wayne · CEO of Assembly Entertainment

I sleep in on the weekends, and instead of working out we all play tennis together as a family. Yes, it’s a wee bit of a workout, but we do it to be together and have fun. Weekend mornings are also when I make pancakes for our daughter and read the newspapers (The New York Times, The Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal).

Ritu Narayan · CEO of Zūm

I don’t sleep in much because my daughter wakes up at the same time, whether it’s a weekday or weekend, and she always wakes me. There’s no meditation or reading on the weekends in the morning, but there may be some exercise.

Carolyn Feinstein · CMO, Dropbox

My routine is quite different on the weekends because my husband is home and my kids don’t have to get to school. I still get up early (but not quite as early) and try to get in a workout or some hitting practice with my tennis coach before the rest of my family is up and out. I also indulge myself and my dog in a much longer walk, usually at Crissy Field.

Drew Logan · Fitness Expert, Trainer

I allow myself to sleep later on the weekend. I’m usually not awake until 5:30am, and I’ll often take one or both days off from strength training.

Melanie Travis · CEO, Andie Swim

On weekends I manage to sleep about an hour later. I wake up before my alarm whether it’s a weekend or a weekday (I don’t know why and can’t figure out how not to). I brew a larger pot of coffee and have something other than cereal for breakfast, like toast, pancakes, granola, or something heavier that feels more luxurious and vacation-y.

I usually turn on some jazz and go back to bed after breakfast to read The New York Times and digest.

Thankfully, our dog likes to sleep in, too, so she often hops up on the bed with us and we all hang there for a while. Weekends are way more relaxed, even though we always spend at least half of both days working.

Todd Davis · Executive Vice President, FranklinCovey

I may add a half hour onto my sleep on the weekends, but that just means I lie in bed with my eyes open for an extra thirty minutes. How was it that as a teenager I could sleep until noon or later?

The rest of the morning is similar except the “get ready routine” consists of just brushing my teeth (and only once). I actually enjoy yard work, so I throw on some shorts and spend a couple of hours mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, etc. On those days, the rest of the “get ready routine” happens after the yard work is complete.

Gail Saltz · Psychiatrist, Author

I often sleep later during weekends - until 8:00am or 8:30am - unless my youngest daughter has a race (which is 2-3 times per month), in which case I’m likely up earlier so I can go watch. My husband and I pretty much hang together on the weekends, getting up together, having coffee together, going for a run together, and sometimes getting work done or reading together. We go out most Saturday nights for dinner together.

Sean Conlon · Real Estate Entrepreneur

No, my routine generally stays the same on the weekend. I try to call just the people I want to on the weekend, versus calling the people I have to during the week! From my travels, I’ve made some great, lifelong friends whom I make sure to keep in touch with when I’m in town, and the weekend is the perfect time for me to catch up with them, as well as with my family.

Matthew Weatherley-White · Managing Director, The CAPROCK Group

As I don’t wake with an alarm, I don’t really have a concept of “sleeping in.” I wake when my body wants to wake. And because my workday begins with four hours of white space, which is what most people experience on the weekend, my morning ritual is surprisingly constant throughout the week.

The biggest difference is that I don’t feel obligated to pin the dial with email. I frequently go all weekend without replying to a single email. I check them to make sure I’m not dropping the ball, of course, but in a perfect world, weekends would be in “read only” mode.

Rick Popowitz · Serial Health Entrepreneur

On Saturdays I get up at 7:00am, take a shower, get dressed, and go to synagogue services and a class. Once the services are over, I come home and devote the day to chores and spending time with my wife and friends. We have a very active social life, and that is something I treasure. Our friendships are of a lasting nature (most more than thirty years), with friends making up for not having our family close by.

On Sunday I get up later and devote the day to chores, sometimes a bike ride with my wife and friends, and dinner out.

Celeste Headlee · Radio Host, Author

I sleep in until 6:00am or 7:00am on weekends and walk to Starbucks with the dog. It’s about five miles, round trip. I still drink water, but I delay the meditation until I get back from the walk.

Allison Grayce · Designer, Parent

Weekends are a completely different story! We enjoy the early mornings together with a big breakfast and coffee and are out of the door by 10:00am on Saturdays for soccer or whatever activities we have going on that weekend. Sunday mornings are much more laid back!

Kristen Ulmer · Fear Specialist

My morning routine is the same every day, except Saturdays in the summertime. I still get up whenever the mood strikes me, but I spend those mornings going to yard sales, shopping for food, going to open houses, and eating breakfast out - always by myself. I’m usually gone about four hours. I love those mornings!

Jenny Blake · Author, Career/Business Strategist

I do, though less now that I live with someone. For the first six years of running my business, weekends were prime work days for me, since fewer requests were coming in and I don’t have any meetings. They are when I actually get most of my work done! That way I’m not fighting with tourists or weekend errand-runners too. New York City gets crazy on weekends, especially where I live in SoHo—sometimes it is a challenge just to walk down the street!

I subscribe to the weekend editions of the New York Times, so I usually read the paper before jumping in to work. I always enjoy starting by reading a physical book or newspapers; something that is not electronic, since I spend so much of the rest of the day on devices. Now that I live with someone, I try to get more work done during the week so that weekends are free to hang out and relax.

Tiffany Cruikshank · Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness Expert

I never used to take weekends off, but I have since learned the value of the weekend. I like to leave weekends that I’m home open for anything. No alarm clocks on the weekend, but when we wake up we usually meditate and then have a smoothie - similar to a weekday.

I think sleep is an underrated, critical component of good health and cognitive function, so I always make it a priority - especially on the weekends. It’s hard to stop working when you love what you do, but after so many years of doing it I’ve learned that balance is key to longevity. I’m no good to my business if I don’t also give myself some time off. I do love to get an early start on the work week, so when I’m able, I work a little on Sunday night - even if it’s just for thirty minutes - to prepare for the week ahead.

Tammy Strobel · Writer, Photographer

As long as the cats don’t wake me up, I sleep until 6:00am (or later) on the weekends. Everything else stays the same, though. I still drink coffee, journal, take my daily photo, play with my cats, and talk with Logan.

Hitha Palepu · Writer, Entrepreneur

I don’t set an alarm on weekends but naturally wake up at 7:00am. I still meditate, journal, and get ready for the day before joining my family. I get my son changed and fed while my husband gets ready, and then we’re off to the park, a museum, or to brunch!

Ravi Raman · Executive Career Coach

Absolutely! I do the exact same thing! Sometimes, I wake up a little later (5:30am-6:00am), but that would be the only difference between a weekend and a weekday.

Simon Enever · Co-Founder of Quip

I follow the same routine on the weekends. I might allow myself an extra hour or so of sleep in the morning, so I’m up closer to 6:00am instead of 5:00am. My body is accustomed to waking up early, which is great for staying productive - even on the weekends. I love to knock out some work first thing in the morning and then have the flexibility for other activities throughout the day. I find that when I don’t work, I can’t relax because I end up thinking about work all day. Following my routine has become extremely important for me, even when on holiday.

Wendy McKennon · Head of UX, Color

Weekends are a different story. I try to let myself sleep until 6:30am or 7:00am. But a good run with friends and a visit to the farmer’s market are key.

Mick Batyske · DJ, Parent

Yes. Honestly, it’s pretty much the same. I don’t have the option of not working on weekends. I have a seven-day workweek, but I do try to work less on weekends. Plus, I’m usually gone two weekends a month for my various gigs.

Matteo Franceschetti · Co-Founder, CEO of Eight

I started following the same routine over the weekends, and it’s helped me a lot. Sometimes I may get an extra thirty minutes to an hour of sleep on weekends, but for the most part the routine is the same.

Nick Tasler · Organizational Psychologist, Columnist

I don’t sleep in on weekends, and I typically don’t write on Sunday mornings. I read A.J. Jacobs’ book The Year of Living Biblically a while back, and I remember him noting how the Old Testament law about not working on the Sabbath actually had positive effects on his overall productivity and creativity even though he is agnostic and non-religious. I’ve noticed a similar result. Could be a placebo effect, of course, but I seem to have some of my best ideas for books/articles on Sundays when I’m trying not to write. I jot those ideas down in my notebook, but I do resist the temptation to fire up my laptop until Monday morning.

Caroline Burckle · U.S. Olympic Medalist Swimmer

I ‘sleep in’ on the weekends… that’s the goal. Working out later has actually been helpful for my body. For instance, I have coffee and a shake when I get up; then I can let it sit and digest until I work out around 9:00am!

Mike Vardy · Founder of Productivityist

Occasionally on weekends I will sleep in a bit, but no longer than half an hour. I theme every day of the week (which is part of my “time crafting” process) and Saturday is my Family Day. So I avoid the office and spend time with them after doing my reading. Sunday is my Planning Day (I also consider Sunday to be the start of my week), so it falls in line with how my morning routine usually works.

Same goes for my evening routine… especially the journaling aspect.

Leen Al Zaben · Writer, Food Stylist, Photographer

On weekends, this routine goes out the window. I like to let the day guide me; I don’t usually schedule anything early in the morning. That way, if I need to sleep in, I do; if my husband and I want to go for a walk or a morning coffee, we can. I just go with my mood and see where the day takes me.

Nikki Pechet · VP of Marketing, Thumbtack

The little guys wake up at 6:00am every day, so I do as well. If we haven’t gotten enough sleep in a particular week, my husband and I will take turns on the weekend getting up with the kids to let the other one relax for a bit longer.

May Boeve · Executive Director of

No, it all goes out the window on the weekend!

For me, the weekend is really about relaxing, about the joy and release of not feeling like all my time is structured and planned. I eat a larger breakfast (eggs), sleep in, and don’t do my meditation practice. My partner and I usually run errands, including walking to the farmers’ market and dropping off our compost there. We usually see some friends for a meal or a party, see a movie, or go out for dinner and drinks. I go to church on Sundays when I’m in town.

Stephanie Lee · Writer for Lifehacker, Men’s Health

If nothing I’m working on is particularly nagging at me, I let myself sleep in on Saturdays. I might also make a fancy breakfast like waffles or pancakes.

For the last year, I’ve claimed Saturday as a day for me and the things that I want or have been wanting to do. It’s something I call “F*** Yes! Saturday,” which is the philosophy behind my website.

Zane Bevan · Creative Director at Robinhood

My weekend routine is drastically different than the week. I tend to sleep in a little longer than usual, but not by much. My fiancée, Lisa, and I, usually go out and get breakfast, or if we have the supplies, make it at home.

Bedros Keuilian · Founder, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

I follow this routine seven days a week the best I can, even when I travel. I can’t stress enough how important it is to wake up and go to bed at the same time on weekdays and weekends. That’s how you train your body to take the routine seriously and stick to it.

Todd Henry · Bestselling Author

On Saturdays I play basketball at 7:00am, so I’m up at 6:15am. On Sundays, however, I sleep in until 7:30am to allow my body to get additional rest.

Amanda Hesser · Co-Founder and CEO of Food52

Since our kids were about six, they’ve very nicely let us sleep in on weekends. We don’t get up super late, but it’s great to be able to sleep until 9:30am. Every Saturday, Tad makes scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. On Sundays, we might get bagels or pastries.

Merrill Stubbs · Co-Founder and President of Food52

Weekends are a little different. Typically, we’re able to ignore Henry’s yelling (we have a noise machine) until 7:30am or so before things get dire and/or Clara comes in search of someone to play with. Jonathan often lets me sleep for another hour or so while he gets the kids breakfast. This is just one of the many reasons I love him.

Shawna Kaminski · Fitness Coach

I usually sleep a little longer on the weekends, maybe until 5:30 or 6:00am. I train later in the day (at 11:00am), but the routine is very similar.

Christine Koh · Lifestyle Expert, Parent

My weekend routine is similar in terms of what I eat and how I exercise, but I try to sleep in. One of the best things I’ve done in the last several years is to improve my efficiency and focus throughout the week so I can shut off work and focus on my family during the weekend. That’s not easy when you’re an independent business owner, but it’s been crucial to my and my family’s happiness!

Terri Schneider · Endurance Athlete, Author

When I am home, the routine is the same. I’m self-employed, so unless I’m traveling or have something special planned, weekends don’t look a lot different than weekdays except that my workouts tend to be longer.

Unless I’ve planned something other than work, I will attend to a work project or a home project. I love what I do, so it’s all good! I’ve never understood why people sleep in (unless I have a man in bed with me!). The only time I sleep in is when I have jet lag after an international flight and my body is trying to adjust. I will “sleep” when I’m dead, so while I’m still breathing I am quite happy to embrace my time awake.

Erin Loechner · Author, Parent

I generally don’t work on weekends, so I sleep in a bit, although I’m still covering that early-morning feeding shift with the baby. I sometimes crawl back into bed and sleep until my daughter wakes up, and then it’s business as usual.

Guy Tal · Landscape and Nature Photographer

As I rarely need to interact directly with customers, and I am my own boss and employee, I have very little reason for keeping track of what day it is (many times I will not know for sure if asked). To me a day is a day.

Mauricio F. Corridan · Photographer

My morning routine on weekends is almost the same, but instead of 7:00am, I get up around 8:00am. If I’m not working at C/O Berlin and I don’t have a shoot planned on the weekend, my mornings are more relaxed.

If my girlfriend and I have time, we will prepare brunch, plan shoots, and come up with ideas for new projects.

If I do have a shoot, I will prepare a little mood board with some images that will inspire the story or theme of the shoot. I meet up with the models later, and even though I’ve prepared the mood board, I always improvise and get inspiration from the location and the models while shooting. My best ideas usually turn up spontaneously once I’m already working!

Vanessa Garcia · Multidisciplinary Artist

I totally change the steps during the weekend. I do work on weekends, usually one of two days, but I also allow myself to sleep in.

I try (this doesn’t always happen, but I try) to have one day during the weekend where I don’t set any alarms. Setting zero alarms is like heaven on the weekend, and I look forward to it - it allows me to get up at 6:00am on weekdays. I also let myself dawdle and shift the schedule around. If it’s a really beautiful day, maybe it’s a good idea to walk to brunch with people you love and forget the rest… You have to live.

Danny Gregory · Artist, Author

More or less. I would like to work the same way on the weekends but I know it irritates my wife. I sometimes wait to eat until she is up and we go and get bagels. I generally read the Sunday Times too. I have not been able to sleep in since 1994 when my son was born.

Liesl Gibson · Pattern Designer

Weekends are usually more relaxed, since our weekday routine is very structured with my daughter’s dance classes, our joint violin lessons, and Spanish tutoring. We keep weekend mornings very relaxed, though I have been trying to shop at the local mercados on Saturday mornings so we’re ready for the next week.

On Sundays, church doesn’t start until 1:00pm, so we can get a slow start. We often sleep in a bit, and my daughter loves to spend weekend mornings in her PJs, so I’m more than happy to accommodate her.

Steph Davis · Free Soloist, Wingsuit BASE Jumper

My daily schedule is dictated more by the weather than by the days of the week. I generally have a loose plan for the week based on the wind, rain, and temperature forecast. My plan changes on any given day if the weather changes. It’s hard to have a routine because my sports are so dependent on the conditions and weather, so I’ve adapted to become extremely flexible.

Lisa Nicole Bell · Writer, Producer, Podcast Host

I change my routine on weekends.

I wake up at whatever time I want, assuming I don’t have a specific place to be in the morning. I do the same morning ritual, but I may spend a little more time on one area or another if I have the time. If the book I’m reading is particularly interesting, I may spend extra time reading or do some research on something I found interesting.

Laura Roeder · Founder of Edgar

Since I take the first parenting shift during the week, my husband will get up with our son one or both weekend days and let me sleep in. (It’s usually more like “lie in bed” than “sleep in,” though, as our house is tiny and toddlers are noisy!) Once I get up, we’ll have a family breakfast together at home or ride our bikes to get breakfast tacos.

Sol Orwell · Co-Founder of

On weekends I tend to follow the same routine, but I may sleep in. I refuse to work on weekends, so my desire to “jump out of bed and get to work” is pretty low. This morning time on the weekends seems like a great opportunity for me to get into meditation, but so far I have failed at that.

The only other difference is that I may have brunch.

Sarah Doody · UX Designer, Product Strategist

I don’t regularly sleep in on weekends, but every now and then it happens. I’m normally up before 7:45am, though. I like to have Saturday mornings to myself to catch up on house chores or work on personal projects. I also try to read a few articles from my Instapaper account that I’m always saving during the week.

Gracy Obuchowicz · Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader

On weekends I don’t set my alarm. Often, I’m awake by 6:00am anyway, but I’m always happy to wake up and see it’s 7:30am. I trust my body to take the sleep that it needs.

If I do sleep in, I will skip my morning pages, but I always do some kind of exercise before eating breakfast.

Victoria Durnak · Artist, Sculptor

I follow this routine every day. Since becoming an artist I have never differentiated much between the week and weekend. In the future this is something I know will (and I want to) change.

When my son enters kindergarten in a year, we will probably have weekend activities and a weekday routine. At the moment, we might as well see an exhibition or take a field trip in the middle of the week.

Isabel De Los Rios · Certified Nutritionist

Yes, I also follow this routine on weekends. Actually, I follow it every single day, even if I have to shorten it a bit due to travel.

Just recently I was in Miami and had an early flight at 5:30am. I set my alarm for 2:45am so I would still have forty-five minutes of my morning time. It’s really that important to me.

David Kadavy · Author

On weekdays, my first priority is to do some work. On weekends, my first priority is to get outside for a short time. I plan my coming week on Sunday afternoons and often have to spend time organizing my life and travels on Saturdays as well.

I generally don’t work on weekends unless I’m really crunching a project.

Sonia Rao · Singer-Songwriter

I usually work on weekends, but I’m more relaxed about my routine. I’ll meet up with friends for brunch or drinks, or I’ll visit my family.

Tiffany Pham · Founder, CEO of Mogul

I also maintain this routine throughout the weekend (I don’t sleep in on weekends. I often have calls with international parties on weekend mornings). I love my company, and enjoy spending time on it throughout the weekend as well.

Jess Weiner · Social Entrepreneur

As much as I want to sleep in, I can’t. If I sleep until 8:00am, I feel victorious.

I have begun working out on Saturday mornings because it kick-starts my weekend. But Sunday is all-day vegging. We rest HARD. We hit the farmer’s market then hang out by the pool and nap pretty much all day. Sunday is my favorite day of the week!

Brian Balfour · Founder, CEO of Reforge

Over the past couple years I have transitioned into being an old man. I rarely drink alcohol or stay out too late, as that would just end up ruining the next day and my weekend. As a result, my weekend tends to follow a similar routine.

Arvell Craig · Coach, Strategist

My weekends are quite similar except for the following:

  1. I get more sleep by waking up a few hours later.
  2. Since I don’t have to go to the office, I’ll spend more time running and in prayer.
  3. I may spend the morning just working on my blog or email newsletter. During the week I use my routine as the fuel to make it through the days that I don’t get to control. But during the weekend, when I am in more control, I don’t need to stick to all the details of my morning routine.

Catherine Connors · Writer, Parent

I get up a little later on weekends (we all do), and usually have more of a proper breakfast. I don’t drag out the laptop unless there’s something pressing that I need to work on.

Sean Ogle · Entrepreneur, Writer

For the most part I follow the same steps. The rest of my day on the weekends tend to be different, but the mornings are pretty similar.

Katelin Jabbari · Googler, Parent

I don’t follow this routine at all on weekends.

My weekends vary depending on whether we have plans and whether it’s my day to sleep in (my husband and I take turns). Before my son was born, I used to work out in the morning on the weekends (and by “morning” I mean whenever I woke up, usually between noon and 3:00pm), but it’s hard to do that consistently now.

If it’s my morning to get up with my son and we don’t have early plans, I usually head into his room between 7:30-8:30am, when his noises go from playful cooing to more forceful wails. I change his diaper and we play for a while until he starts to get a little fussy, which means he’s hungry. I’ll feed him breast milk and some pureed food (usually oatmeal or yogurt with fruit), and then we’ll continue to play around the house until my husband gets up. At that point, I’ll usually remember I haven’t eaten or drank anything and will go into the kitchen to make breakfast for my husband and myself while he plays with our son in bed.

Rachel Binx · Data Visualizer, Artist

Oh, this whole routine gets thrown out the window on weekends. If I have a blessed few hours that I can spend uninterrupted, I will roll right out of bed and go straight to my desk. I’ll usually make some coffee, but I mostly try to be engrossed for as long possible in the morning.

At some point I’ll have to give up to shower and get some food, but it’s hard for me to get back to the level of focus that I have right after I wake up. This approach only works for my personal projects, though… for the regular workday I need to prep my mental space.

Manuel Lima · Designer, Author

It’s quite consistent on the weekends as well, with the exception of an overall slower pace and an indispensable family brunch (my favorite meal) in a neighborhood restaurant.

Craig Ballantyne · Author, Fitness Expert

I follow it seven days a week.

By now I know you’re thinking, “Wow, this guy is the opposite of the Dos Equis guy. He is the most boring man in the world. He’s like the Chuck Norris of lame.”

You’re right. But I’m proud of that! Of course, there are usually two nights per week when I get wild and crazy and stay out to 10:00 or 11:00pm: for date night, a basketball game, or a work dinner.

However, the secret to staying high energy is to get up at the same time as normal the next day. That means having a nap and going to bed early the next night. You might be tired the next afternoon, but you will be back to normal the day after.

It’s much better than what I did back in my twenties when I would stay out till 3:00am on weekends and sleep till 11:00am. That would leave me tired and dragging from Sunday through Wednesday. I’d just get back on track when it was time to ruin it all again.

I much prefer my virtuous, boring, and consistent life these days!

Chris Guillebeau · Author, Modern-Day Explorer

Saturday is a regular work day for me. In fact, I love working on Saturdays because a lot of other things slow down and I can catch up. If I send fifty emails on Tuesday morning, I might get back thirty replies before noon, which is great, of course, but also a big challenge as things stack up. On Saturday, though, if I send fifty emails (most of which are usually replies), a lot of them won’t boomerang back into my inbox until Monday morning.

I do mix it up on Sundays, where I try to take half the day off. It’s also the only day of the week when I don’t set an alarm. Most of the time I go for a long-ish run of 6-8 miles and then to brunch. I settle back into a project or two in the afternoon and then a bit of forward planning for the rest of the week.

David Moore · Designer

On weekends, I tend to sleep in much later and then ease into whatever freelance or passion project I have on my plate. Spending time with family and “smelling the roses”, or checking in on an event I’ve planned to see that week.

I try to reserve the weekends for friends and family unless there are unusual circumstances. I’m fortunate to know some brilliant people who are working on building their business or developing their talents. I find it imperative that I support them in some way.

Jake Kahana · Artist, Creative Director

As I mentioned, this routine goes out the window on the weekends. No writing, and the gym will usually be in the afternoon before going out at night. It’s nice to take a break from a rigid routine and feel like the weekends are special and sacred in some way.

Steve Kamb · Founder of Nerd Fitness

I try to stay on target with my weekends, waking up around the same time. If I stay out late with friends, it might mean I’m not getting to bed until 2-4:00am. On these days, I find I still wake up between 7 and 8:00am without an alarm, and even though I’m exhausted, I force myself to get out of bed and recover with a nap later on that afternoon.

Although I don’t make myself write on the weekend, I do still read and go to the gym on Saturdays.

Cara Stawicki · Rower

Yes, but practice on the weekends usually starts at 7, 8, sometimes even 9:00am. So I’ll end up waking up later and bumping the entire routine to later in the morning.

Cameron Russell · Model, Cultural Activist

Yes. I wear a ton of hats, but all as a freelancer. I probably need to explain what my bizarre work world looks like now…

For the past thirteen years I’ve worked as a model, and I use that background to bring alternative content and culture to the mainstream through multimedia production, mostly with an activist bent. I’ve written and produced a whole host of multimedia projects on topics ranging from climate change, to race, to gender equity (like this story on climate warriors for Vogue, this short for that garnered over 800,000 views in week one, or this girls and body-image photo series with over 100,000 shares).

I usually have a couple projects I’m working on that I fit in between shoot days, weekends, and plane rides - right now I’m writing a ton, and working on two short film projects, one about media representation and the other around climate change.

Jessica Walsh · Designer, Art Director

Weekends I do tend to sleep a little more. I wake up and usually go to brunch around 11:00am. On weekends I love elaborate brunches: eggs, green juice, latte, and a mimosa is a nice start to a Saturday or Sunday!

Lisa Congdon · Fine Artist, Illustrator

Weekends tend to be super different. I usually sleep later, and if I don’t it’s not because an alarm’s gone off! We still get up and have our coffee, but we don’t go on our computers or phones so quickly (sometimes I stay off the computer all weekend).

And if we work out, it’s never as early either. Weekends are just more relaxed, and I love my weekends!

Rand Fishkin · Founder of Moz

I don’t have to walk to work, but otherwise it’s similar. Today, for example, is Sunday, and I’m catching up on a load of email that I couldn’t tackle while on the road this past week.

Gregg Carey · Entrepreneur, Survivor Contestant

I follow this routine on Saturdays, but usually take a day off on Sunday and let the day start and evolve more organically. I find it extremely important to go off script, turn off, and let the day happen.

For me, my weekend always benefits from a strong Saturday morning routine. If I can put a good dent in my plan for the upcoming week, and a good workout, then I feel much more free to truly enjoy the 1.5 weekend days ahead of me. A strong Saturday is key to a relaxed weekend, and it also helps to reduce any Sunday blues!

Danielle Buonaiuto · Soprano

​I don’t have typical weekends - since I gig and freelance quite a bit, I group my days into “work days” and “days off” - days off are generally more creative, and so they do look different.

I still wake up (with no alarm) and breathe; I get up and make coffee, and if I’m going to exercise, I do that before I eat. If it’s going to be a long run, I’ll grab a banana. Then, it’s home to shower and sing (or write, or research, or whatever it is that day). I leave the email drudgery for when I’m fizzling creatively and need a change of pace.

Elizabeth Royal · Street Style, Fashion Photographer

I wish I could say I stick to my routine on weekends, but without the structured expectations of work anything goes.

Weekends are for exploring. I shoot street style all over the city and in-between I catch up with my friends, head to museums, explore new neighborhoods, or try out new restaurants on the weekends, so I do what I can. I walk so much on weekends - usually around ten or twelve miles - that I don’t care if I exercise or not those days.

Johnny FD · Entrepreneur, Frequent Traveler

On weekends I often sleep an extra hour but usually don’t need to as nine hours is plenty. But instead of walking to the office, I go up to my roof and tan naked while reading a book. I’m currently reading the Arnold Schwarzenegger Autobiography: Total Recall, and just finished reading Tony Robbins’ Money: Master the Game.

It’s a great way to relax and get some much needed vitamin D. After that I usually go for a hike in the mountains and finish the afternoon laying by the pool or going for a swim.

Crystal Paine · Author, Speaker

I follow this basic routine loosely on Saturdays. Sundays are my rest days, so I give myself a little grace to do things differently on that day each week.

Wesley Verhoeve · Photographer

I don’t do well with interruptions, so I keep my morning routine going on weekends too. Luckily, my body doesn’t let me sleep in anyway, so it’s not like it’s a sacrifice to get up early for me.

Mimi Ikonn · Co-Founder of Luxy Hair

I allow myself to sleep in on at least one day every weekend, usually Saturday, so I’ll usually wake up at 8:30-9:00am instead of 7:00.

I skip the workout on Saturdays to give my body a break. Aside from that, the rest of my morning routine is pretty consistent.

Yuko Shimizu · Japanese Illustrator, Educator

I may take more time if I don’t have to rush in the morning. I have The New York Times home delivery on the weekend. It’s nice knowing I have the time to flip through and read the paper.

Temitopé Owolabi · Photographer, Student

Weekends are my favorite, by far the best time to accomplish as much as you can because everyone else is sleeping in and taking a break from working all week. I make the most of my weekends.

Andre D. Wagner · Photographer

I don’t typically leave my house as early on weekends.

On weekends The New York Times is delivered to my apartment so I like to read through that. I really like The New York Times Magazine because they usually feature an artist and their work. This is sort of a weekend ritual, but I’m not always inspired to look through the paper. So other times I may just sit and listen to music.

Aiste Gazdar · Co-Founder, Director of Wild Food Cafe

I don’t really have clearly defined weekends (I often work on weekends), which means I have to carve out ‘weekends’ in my week, whenever I can.

I try my best to make sure I take regular breaks and have at least two days off each week. The days off often happen to be after a late night out, either working or socialising, so I tend to get up a bit later, at around 8 or 9:00am. I find that a few relaxed mornings a week are so nourishing. On those days the routine is different. I tend to avoid email and social media altogether and have at least one day a week technology-free. Needless to say that doesn’t always happen! I tend to have a more relaxed breakfast, a long walk in nature, or just get busy with tidying our home.

Jessica Dang · Minimalist, Self-Declared Vagabond

I follow the same morning routine and have the same breakfast on weekends, except I wake up later and take my time a bit more.

I love to catch up on articles in my Pocket app, or read a book as I’m having my coffee… sometimes when I’m still in bed! It’s bliss.

On weekends I also manage to catch classes at the gym - a spin class on Saturdays, and a yoga class on Sundays. I go to the gym after work on other days, but on weekends I can take my time. It’s important for me to have at least one intense workout session to boost my energy up, and one ‘intense’ relaxation session to recover.

Sara Rosso · Director of Marketing at Automattic

My routine post-coffee is pretty different on weekends - I try to stay off my computer as much as I can unless I’m working on a digital project or communicating with family.

Since I live abroad, and work for a tech company, and love technology in general, it’s really tempting to make your computer your window to the world, but recently I’ve been trying to put more focus on non-digital activities, thus my emphasis on #analogfundays as a way to make sure I’m getting creative offline.

Laura Vanderkam · Author, Parent

My six-month-old doesn’t know what day it is, so pretty much. And yep, it’s eggs and coffee every morning, unless I’ve run 10 miles. Then I let myself eat pancakes.

Nathan Kontny · CEO of Highrise, Parent

On weekends I follow a totally different routine, and often no routine at all.

My wife and daughter let me get another hour or so of sleep on the weekends. Then, it’s whatever. If the baby got a good night of sleep, we’ll plan our morning for more activity like the zoo or the beach or simply just hanging out in the yard with an inflatable pool.

Wade Foster · Co-Founder, CEO of Zapier

On the weekends it’s similar, though I’ll go to sleep later and instead of going to work first thing I’ll head to the gym to play racquetball.

After racquetball I’ll mostly just lounge around. I’ll walk the dog, maybe hang out with some friends and play some board games.

Hua Wang · Entrepreneur, Aspiring Cook

I am more unstructured on the weekends. I wake up without an alarm, read part of a book, go to an exercise class, and spend quality time with my boyfriend. We like to plan creative date nights.

Ivanka Trump · Real Estate Executive, Parent

Unfortunately, my children don’t change their sleep patterns on the weekends — so neither do I! My husband and I both work to keep our weekends unscheduled and devoted to family time. Our days are much less structured and we’re able to be more spontaneous, which is fun.

Karina Bania · Artist, Mother

Everything moves slower on the weekends.

I tend to linger longer in bed, catching up on reading. My husband makes big family breakfasts on the weekends that we spend time enjoying. After breakfast, we usually take a morning bike ride, hike, or neighborhood walk together.

Belle Beth Cooper · Writer and Co-Founder of Exist

I try to do this routine every day, but weekends are tougher to keep on track.

Saturdays I have acting class all day, so sometimes I’m keyed up in the morning and not in the mood for working before I head out. Acting class is exhausting, so Sundays I’m always tempted to sleep in and be lazy all day while I recover.

Grace Bonney · Founder of Design*Sponge

My weekends start and end around the same time as the weekday schedule, but involve less work. I used to work all day every day on the weekends, but now I work two hours a day, max.

Setting up that boundary has been incredibly important for my personal life and for my team’s, too. They used to work on the weekend and finally I had to say, “Look, I’m not working on Saturday and neither should you. Let’s all put our laptops down.”

Mason Currey · Author of Daily Rituals

On weekends, I usually let myself “sleep in” until 6:30am, and then I work in my office until 11:00. But I’m not as strict about that. Sometimes I even take a day off!

Ben Brooks · Tech Writer, iOS Project Manager

On the weekend I don’t work, so I spend all morning with the kids. I will still get up before them if we have plans for the day, but if there are no plans I’ll tend to sleep in an extra hour.

Ben Brooks with his kids

I also don’t do email on the weekends and I don’t check in much with my teams at work, though I stay connected in the company water cooler chat which can be quiet on the weekends.

Eli Trier · Illustrator, Writer

I follow exactly the same routine at the weekends.

I’m fortunate to be able to run my life outside of normal working hours, so traditional weekdays and weekends don’t really apply to me. I follow my own rhythms and decide when to work based on my energy level rather than what day of the week it is.

Brian Wong · Founder, CEO Kiip

My morning routine is totally different. I do whatever I feel like on weekends, and if I’m in another country it’s fair to say my routine is totally out of whack.

Shannon Lohr · Founder of Factory45

It depends on the night before, but I generally sleep in later on the weekends or just stay in bed because I can. It’s so cozy and warm… also, cuddling. I don’t do “formal” exercise on the weekend, either - it’s more like a walk around the pond or a stroll through the arboretum near my apartment.

The lemon water potion happens and so does the green smoothie, unless I go out for brunch. Also, no podcast on the weekends.

Veerle Pieters · Graphic, Web Designer

It’s the same routine, except for me going to the bakery to get fresh Belgian croissants. They’re not the same as regular croissants, but there is no English translation. They’re called boterkoek in Dutch.