Featured Sponsorship

We’d love to help spread the word (and create a lasting impression) about your company, product, or service directly to our readers.

Here at My Morning Routine we offer one featured sponsorship spot each week (discounts are available if you wish to book more than one week) alongside our monthly partnership program. Your sponsorship will resemble a native ad, so your sponsorship logo, banner, and links will never be blocked by ad-blocking software.

Sponsors have the choice of two packages:

Standard Sponsorship

If you choose our standard sponsorship package, you’ll receive:

  • Your logo and a featured paragraph in our weekly email newsletter, encouraging our subscribers (over 10,000) to check you out.
  • Your logo displayed on all 296 morning routines, plus our homepage, directly under each person’s bio (over 100,000 monthly pageviews).
  • Your logo and a featured paragraph at the bottom of each routine, encouraging our readers to check you out.
  • The option to add a light background color to your placements on our website to match your company branding, and draw more eyeballs.
  • A featured paragraph in our RSS feed, encouraging our feed subscribers to check you out.
  • A linked message from our Twitter (over 6,000 followers) and Facebook (over 6,000 likes) accounts thanking you for your sponsorship, retweeted by our personal accounts.

Banner Sponsorship

If you choose our banner sponsorship package, you’ll receive everything in the standard package, plus:

  • Your advertising banner (700x86 px) nestled in the first few paragraphs of each morning routine, each Q&A page, and in our most popular articles and reviews.


Below are example sponsorship assets. For a full preview of both packages click here.

Top Sponsorship Asset

Bottom Sponsorship Asset

Banner Sponsorship Asset

Audience and Previous Sponsors

Our site’s readership is a creative, entrepreneurial, and productivity-focused group of individuals (and potential job candidates), 44% of which are based in the United States, as are 66.4% of our email subscribers. Our weekly emails average a 40.5% open rate and a 19.9% clickthrough rate.

Join companies like Aerobie (AeroPress), Leesa, Five Minute Journal, TextExpander, Backblaze, OmniFocus, Scrivener, MacPaw, and more as a sponsor of My Morning Routine, and help us get your name (and website) in front of our readers.

Price and Availability

One week’s standard sponsorship costs US $400, while one week’s banner sponsorship costs $800. Discounts are available if you wish to book more than one week.

To book a sponsorship spot, please email Benjamin today.

Aug 01 – Aug 07Booked
Aug 08 – Aug 14Booked
Aug 15 – Aug 21Available
Aug 22 – Aug 28Available
Aug 29 – Sep 04Booked
Sep 05 – Sep 11Available
Sep 12 – Sep 18Booked
Sep 19 – Sep 25Available
Sep 26 – Oct 02Available
Oct 03 – Oct 09Available