First Insights from Our Reader Survey

The results are in! If you subscribe to our email updates or follow us on Facebook or Twitter you will have had the chance to participate in a survey in recent weeks to help us better understand your morning habits and routines.

The survey’s still running and you’re welcome to vote in it if you haven’t already. But in the fashion of a political exit poll (albeit with more practical significance and, hopefully, accuracy) we’ve put together a sample of our findings from the first 323 respondents, of which 69% were female, 30% male, and 1% prefered not to answer.

Wakey wakey

On average, survey respondents wake up at 6:37am, which is just three minutes later than the participants who have shared their routine with us here on My Morning Routine, who get up at 6:34am, on average.

An alarming finding

Our survey found that 85% of respondents use an alarm to wake themselves up in the morning. This compares to 74% for participants who have shared their routine with us here on My Morning Routine.

There’s a stark difference between our respondents and former participants when it comes to their use of the snooze button, however. Of those who do use an alarm, 70% of survey respondents said they hit the snooze button, compared to just 39% of My Morning Routine participants.

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Get your blood flowing

According to our survey data so far, 65% of you exercise in the morning, which compares to 78% of our My Morning Routine participants.

When it comes to yoga and meditation, just 16% of you do yoga in the morning (don’t worry, we don’t either), while 31% of you are partial to a bit of morning meditation. This compares to 66% of our participants who meditate or practise yoga, a figure which we’ll divide into its two individual parts in a later report.

Email can wait, your phone cannot

You significantly edge out our My Morning Routine participants when it come to answering email first thing in the morning, with just 23% of survey respondents doing so compared to 53% of our participants.

You’re more prone to checking your phone first thing in the morning, however, with 71% of you admitting to checking it almost immediately after waking up, compared to 61% of our participants (14% of you said you check it after breakfast, while 8% said you first check it when starting your workday).

Dealing with change

Do you follow your morning routine every day of the week (including weekends)? That’s one of the questions we asked our survey respondents, with ‘yes, but I sleep in’ leading the charge at 38%, closely followed by a firm ‘no’ vote at 37%, and a firm ‘yes’ vote at 25%. This compares to 33% of My Morning Routine participants who say they follow the same morning routine at the weekend.

Survey respondents were also asked, as our participants are every week, if they can adapt their routine in a different environment. 49% said yes, which compares closely to the 52% ‘yes’ vote from our participants.

This is just an early sample report that we wanted to give back to our community, as you made it possible, after all. Interestingly, our reader metrics aren’t far off compared to our participant data, which helps support the scientific significance behind our Interview Statistics.

In the coming months we’ll share more insights from the survey, many of which will go much deeper and respect geographical and gender differences. To ensure you get these updates, subscribe to our email updates today!

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